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Susan Dennis
28 March 1949
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In March of 2017, one of my LJ friends asked me to write about what it was like growing up. I took on the challenge and wrote about me in entries tagged TBC. A chronilogical version - PDF Version - Google Docs version

Here's my resume so you can see what I've done.

Here's a post made in 2015 of random things about me.

Note to visitors who do not have a Live Journal account: First of all, welcome to my journal! Second of all, unless you have a Live Journal, you can only leave comments as anonymous. It's kind of ugly and LiveJournal requires a captcha which I hate. Also, they will not allow you to add links to anonymous comments.

I'm sorry, but those are the Live Journal rules. You can certainly get your own account for free and then you can really join in the comment conversation. I do understand if you don't want to and hope you'll read and comment anyway. You can add your own personal 'who I am' to your comments. Thanks...

You can always contact me via email - susandennis@gmail.com.

I'm a fairly old geek who's been playing with computers since the 70's when my modem was a 300 baud coupler. In 2012, when I was laid off from my job as a web producer, I decided to retire. It's working out fine. I'm very lucky.

I live with my two black cats - Biggie and The Smalls - in a very cool condo in the historic district of downtown Seattle, Washington.

I knit to give me a good excuse to watch TV (knitting page) and I read a lot of mysteries (book recommendations). I used to make computer jigsaw puzzles you can download and solve. I'm really not a people person.

I built a little web page of who's who and what's what to, hopefully, help you follow my journal along.

If you want to see me real time, I have two webcams - susandennis.rocks . I've had them for years. They are available for viewing by anyone. I am often challenged about why in the world I would do that and how very creepy it is. I'm used to it. I see no danger. My friends and family can check on me any time without my having to lift a finger. If you don't approve, don't click.

Random stuff

I started out with aqua jogging and aerobics but after a couple of years, I discovered the joys of lap swimming. I swim a mile a day. I have COPD and it's sometimes difficult for me to do things in air but I am a bear in the water!

I knit and sew every day. I used to make teddy bears and rag dolls. They went to the Baby Bank of Seattle. I took a picture of each as they are completed and include them in my journal. (I do not ever sell the bears but the pattern is free at susandennis.com/knitting. I do not ever sell the dolls but there is a free pattern for them as well and I did a pictorial step by step.)

I'm taking a little break from all that right now - knitting and crocheting and sewing other stuff. With an occasional doll, bear or other toy now and again. I have also, recently, picked up an Instagram habit. It's as close to Facebook as I'll ever get.

Playing with QR
(Do me a favor, plz, and resist the temptation to lecture me about sharing this data publicly. I understand the ramifications. I've had this information available on the web sine 1994 and have been rewarded over and over again. I get postcards and gifts and even acquired a fan who remains secret to even me but has sent me flowers and a postcard. For me - possibly only for me - the benefits far outweigh any danger. Thanks.)

Please 'friend' me if you like or not. No need to ask, just do it.  I treat my list of friends like a superset of bookmarks or favorites.  They are the ones I like to keep up with.  I add and drop on whims.  If you fall off my list, please don't be offended.

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