DITL - my own version

I live in No Bus Land downtown. When I first moved here we had 4 buses that stopped on my corner. Then they moved the stop up a block and then two blocks. Then there were only 2 buses. Then none. Then they added one back in. Then they moved the stop to just across the street and there were 6 buses. Then there were none. Then there were 3 in the next block.

I caught one of those this morning. (But, the sign at the stop said they were moving it on February 22. It's new home is not really even close to here, so we are now back to no buses.)

Then I walked over to H-Mart where I wandered around. I had not been in the downtown one. It is a smaller with a smaller snack aisle. And the snacks (chips, crackers, candies) are the most fun. My haul wasn't huge but sufficient.


Then I had an hour to kill so I murdered off part of it in Sur La Table where I found this little tart pan with the pop out bottom on sale. It's the perfect size from my one-egg quiches.


Then I killed the rest of the time in the courtyard next to the restaurant. It was nice but also pretty chilly.


Frank got there just as they were unlocking the door. We had French food and it was good. Very good. The coffee was also French. Not good. But, hey, no biggie.

Then I went to the yarn shop. I wanted a gauge measuring tool - aka ruler but fancy. They didn't have exactly what I wanted but they had a good one so I got it.


On to the light rail where broken glass in the elevator (coming back up to street level) looked like a city street map.


And, on to Tous les Jours - the new Korean bakery conveniently located between the light rail stop and my house.


I was 100% unable to make up my mind.


I need a guy with a cart like this pup has.


But I did make it home actually on my own in good shape with a very happy Fitbit.

After a hearty feeding and some hopping up and down, these two are settled in for the afternoon.

IMG_20200217_135209 IMG_20200217_135149

And now I'm home. Happy. Full and with a delighted Fitbit.

An excellent day and it's still only 2 pm!

I'm going to town!

I have a President's Day Brunch date at one of my favorite restaurants that I never get to because it's in the middle of Pike Place Market. Driving from here is ridiculous and parking is not doable during business hours. Walking is a bit of an old lady stretch and there is no longer a bus from here to there.

Whine, whine, bitch, bitch...

But today I'm off to Cafe Camagne but first I'm going to stop off and check out the new-ish downtown H-Mart. Will report back.

Nice quiet weekend

Canceling my Sunday swims feels like a little 2 day vacation. Because, you know, retirement is tough and you need a vacation from it. Don't worry, this does not even make sense to me. But, while I love swimming - I woke up this morning and thought about going anyway - it does not look like the sun will be out this morning which is one of my main objections to Sundays - I do love a day stretching out totally uninterrupted by going anywhere. I don't even have to comb my hair if I don't want to. More than a day of this would be slovenly. So Saturdays are for getting stuff done and Sundays are for getting nothing done. The rest of the week is for ... yeah. Well.

While tomorrow is a holiday, the gym will be open so not a holiday for me which is fine. I will really be ready to swim tomorrow.

Last night I got barbecue ribs via Door Dash. The place had ribs and corn bread and coleslaw and potato salad. My favs. Sadly, the ribs were meh and the rest was not as good. I should know better. I love Seattle to death and there are some wonderful foods here but barbecue ain't one of them (I like smoked meat, not meat in sweet/sour/spicy sauce). And while there is no one rule of law for either coleslaw or potato salad, corn bread is easy and should not be fucked up. Live and learn. I do not have to order from them ever again.

Today I'll be trying out Yet Another Idea for a week of breakfasts. This one involves tater tots. In my mind, it is delicious. But, then a lot of things are delicious there.

I'll also be knitting and watching TV. It might be movie day except I'm kind of hooked on the Netflix version of Project Runway. It's fashion creation with very minimal interpersonal drama. The hosts are kind of obnoxious but otherwise it corrects all the things I hate about Project Runway. It's called Next in Fashion.

Two Excellent Things

1. I just discovered how to get closed captions on YouTube. ljtourist got me hooked on Bon Appetite videos but their sound quality isn't the greatest and sometimes it's hard to understand what they are saying. The closed captioning isn't the greatest either but it's way better than nothing so yeah!

2. The Smalls was kind of mopey this morning and had me worried but he has now changed his tune entirely. He just fought for the top of the cat tree, and won!! Biggie put up a valiant effort, but Smalls was all MINE MINE MINE! He has not shown much interest in the tree or any really joint effort lately. But now he's playing with the wire toy with Biggie and while he gets the top bunk, he's letting Biggie stay on the lower one.


The string is a shoelace being used to stabilize the arm of that top basket that Biggie broke off!! I wood glued it back into place and likely, once the glue dries, that will work fine. The shoelace is to hold it there until the glue can cure. I didn't even try to mark it off limits. That would have failed right from the idea stage.

Football back in the 'hood

The Seattle XFL team plays their first game here across the street in a couple of hours. So far, the crowds are minimal. I don't know how many they expect. Always something in the 'hood.

This morning I went to have breakfast in a favorite spot - Endolyn Joe's. They pick a different city, state or country every quarter and change their decor and part of their menu to go with that place's them. This quarter it's Montreal and I wish they could stay there forever. They have a Croque Madame which is just perfection. Plus they have a bar area where you can get a nice table with no surrounding toddlers. It's a bit of a drive from here but totally worth it. And lovely today.

Then I whipped by the Enterprise Rental office near there. I was hoping to find that I could leave my car when I rent one of theirs. My friends from New Zealand will be here in July and I need a car with more seats. The problem, always, is where to stash my car while I have the rental. Alas, that location has no good place to leave my car, except just on the street which does not thrill me. But, on the street is certainly an option there so maybe that's just what I will do.

Then I made quick stop at the grocery for a couple of things and home again. Yesterday afternoon, I ended up driving over the Uwajimaya for more tangerines. I've got a serious tangerine problem. Good thing I did because Safeway had none of these Honey Tangerines that I'm currently addicted to.

Now I'm home with The Smalls on my typing arms. Poor thing, he continues to leak mucus and blood from his butt. But, at least he does it in the bathtub which is really kind of him. It's an easy way for me to monitor and it's a very easy clean up. What a sweetie. Other than that, however, he seems fine. He has no patience for Biggie who keeps picking on him. Biggie's just ready to play... Stickie, The Smalls, Whatever. Let's play, man!! I need to ingest some more bowel blockage!!

This is what I found this morning.


Needless to say, coiled cat toys have joined styofoam in pantheon of Shit That Needs To Be Not In This House. Oh, Biggie.

Meanwhile The Smalls has a nice perch to watch the action. Check out the crossed feet.


And Biggie is busy on another task now...


The real estate tax bill got posted and it did come in under $6K so whew. But, wow.

Between taxes and home owners dues, it cost me $1,250 per month to live here even owning the condo outright (I paid off the mortgage a few years ago). That is just shocking to me. Oh well. I'm grateful I can afford it. I do love living here.

Time to put the eggs in the fridge and decide what is next on the agenda.

Miscellaneous stuff

Last night, I was listening to my latest audiobook. I was about half way into it when I just could not stand it any more. I'm picky about my books. There are way more good ones out there than I have life left to read. I refuse to waste any valuable reading time on shit I don't like.

This one centered around a medical examiner and was rife with gory details of dead people and I'm fine with that. But, when it turned into a bodice ripper romance complete with "perfect" rich guy, I could not bail fast enough.

I don't like romance novels or cozy mysteries or plots that hinge on the safety of children (I don't mind children as victims, I do mind lazy authors who justify adult behaviors on saving the innocent child/son/daughter). I don't like historical stuff or war novels. I'm not wild about spy stuff or overly macho protagonists.

Even with all those don'ts there are a lot of good books left out there so buh bye stupid medical examiner - FYI your perfect new boy friend is not perfect and probably deadly but, you don't care, I'm sure.

I did have another lined up and available at the library so I just started it immediately to try and rub some of the stink out of the one I killed. Worked.

Almost all of the novels I read these days are audiobooks. I listen for an hour or so at night before I go to sleep while I'm playing dumb match 3 games. I read non fiction on my Kindle.

I do love books but no longer even like the kind that have covers and take up shelf real estate. I have maybe 20 left in this house. 10 are things like an old yearbook, my grandfather's autobiography, a couple of coffee table books and then some old bridge (card came books) and a knitting book or two. Most of them will go to the Goodwill before the end of the year. I love the content, not the form.

Today is laundry day. The dirty clothes hamper just could take no more. Load 1 is in the dryer and load 2 is in the washer and load 3 is at the bottom of the hamper. I don't think we'll need a load 4.

Both of the cats were in here causing trouble a while ago but have now been missing ... I just got up to go find them and I did. The Smalls was on the floor of the closet that houses my mobility scooter and some hanging stuff. Biggie was across the room in the closet that houses my every day clothes. He was stretched out across several stacks of tops.

I rarely find them together when they go out on their own. They will nap together now once in a while but mostly when they are together now, it's to fight.

The real estate property tax bills for the county are out tomorrow. Last year mine was $5000 for the year. I'll be happy if it stays under $6000. This year I get to pay what will be about $2000 because I live near the waterfront and so get to pay a special tax but that won't be until the end of the year. It would be ever so cheaper to live somewhere else and there is absolutely no reason why I cannot.

Periodically, I peruse options and think about moving. One showstopper for me is weather. The median high temperature here is 60-65% (depending on where you look) and, honestly, I'm not willing to go over that. BUT even that is not a great indicator. Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Chicago - all fall there or below but I know, from experience, that their summers are brutal. I don't want brutal. And then there is urban. I am not a country girl. I need asphalt and urban and an indoor swimming pool or two. So, except for the cheap, when you put together everything I want in a place to live, you get Seattle. And the beauty of that is, I don't have to pack up and move!

So, I'll pay the tax tomorrow and forget about it til this time next year.

Also I'll probably save grocery shopping until tomorrow and combine it with other errands so today will be a stay here in this house and enjoy it day. And laundry.

Putting it off

I am not usually a procrastinator. I'm almost always in the 'let's do it now and get it over with' camp. But, apparently, not today. It's time for my annual checkup at the doctor's. We have it down to a science. I generally don't do any of the tests, like mammograms, colonoscopy, cardiology stuff and my doctor is very gracious and understanding about honoring my wishes. So the exam is really just to touch base and make sure I'm alive for Medicare.

I do worry, annually, that my lab tests will tell him I have diabetes (and then he'll start wailing on my diet). And I dread the annual, you need to lose some weight talk (even more diet wailing). But, it's not like going to the dentist (which I will not do unless the other option is shoot myself and then I'll consider it).

I went online to make an appointment. I want it on Wednesday or Thursday and I want it 1st thing in the morning. Usually, those requirements give me a fair sized runway. But today, my first option was week after next. Too soon. I lost my let's do it now and get it over with-ness. So March 23rd it is.

Biggie is getting bigger every day and The Smalls is getting smaller. He (Smalls) was stretched out beside me at one point last night and it was like sleeping next to a skinny rope. I'll bet Biggie is leaning in on 12 pounds about now. At one point this morning, The Smalls was sitting on my typing arms when Biggie came up to sniff is butt. The Smalls reared around and snapped him good. They are clearly having some relationship issues.

Pitchers and catchers start working out at Sprint training camp today. The first game is a week from Saturday. My twitter feed is filling up with baseball info. I'm ready.

I have a couple of returns to drop off at Amazon so this means probably I'll pick up a sandwich for lunch on the way back. And that's really about it for Things That Need To Happen Today.


House cleaner Wednesday

The cats left me alone last night until about 3:30. They tried to convince me it was time to wake up but they didn't try hard. When the alarm went off and I opened my eyes, they were playing quietly next to the bed with some toy from the living room.

Now, Biggie is taking toys out of the bin, one by one, chasing them around until he loses them and then getting another one. The Smalls is eating his second breakfast.

I need to put away clean dishes, scoop out the litter boxes and get dressed. When the house cleaner gets here or before if she's running late, I will set out. I have a few things for Goodwill and I'll pop in to see if they have any good things for me... And then Costco. Inhaler, Kleenex and gas. Then a stop by the post office to mail my tax stuff off to the CPA. Big doin's!

I realized last night that I have now slipped into a new phase of life. There are physical things I can no longer due because I'm old and/or fat and/or not strong enough. There are plenty of physical things I can do. But, now, there is a gray area. Things I can do if I want to badly enough OR can/should toss them into the first pile if they are not.

I'll get up on a ladder if I really really need/want to but, honestly, I should not and, if it's something I don't care about, I will definitely throw it on the pile of I'm too old to do that any more.

I have one web cam up high on top of some kitchen cabinets. It's plugged into an electrical outlet up there. The only way to 'reboot' it is to climb up there and physically unplug and replug. There is not way in hell that that is a safe thing for me to do. There was a time when it was nothing. Easy peasy. Now it is perilous. But, last night I did it - hopefully, one last time, and installed a smart plug so I can now reboot from my phone.

But, I could just as easily have been on the kitchen floor in agony with a broken whatever or two.

Now I'm going to keep a list. Stuff that I need to get someone in here to do for me. Then, when the list gets healthy, I'll hire a Task Rabbit or the like to come in and polish off the list.

Getting dressed and cleaning out litterboxes is still in my safety realm so I'd better get on those now.


Slow Day

While generally this is never Action Central around here, this week seems particularly slow with today being the poster child for slow. I do not mind one bit but just an observation. I actually had several chores to do but I've actually done them all except pick up the cat toys and take the garbage down to the dumpster. Plenty of time for those two.

I had considered a Costco run today but then remembered I have to be out tomorrow anyway. It's house cleaner day. So I'll just combine Costco with Goodwill and do them tomorrow. Nothing critical on either list.

The cat toys are all over the house. Sometime between when I went to bed last night and this morning, there was an incident. The cat bed/toy box was up side down and the toys were everywhere. I righted the bed and Biggie slammed into it. That's him on left. Then he got distracted and The Smalls laid claim. That's him on the right.


I go back and forth about ordering cat food from Amazon and/or Chewy or buying it at the store. The price is pretty much the same. It is handier to have it delivered but the store has much better options for getting 6 or this and 6 of that or 1 or 2. Plus, the store people are so nice that it is just a joy to shop there. I'll probably keep going to the store until I get lazy.

I stumbled on two new HGTV shows that I'm enjoying - Unsellable Houses and Home Town. The first one is a pair of realtors - women, twins, who work out of Mill Creek (an almost too far to be a suburb of Seattle north of here). I really like this one a lot. Home Town is also good - at least it's different faces. I'm kind of over House Hunters and all its iterations and I really do not like the needy family shows. So it's fun to have two new ones that are in my wheel house.

I have my next Door Dash picked out but I think I'm going to have left over chicken tonight with left over pizza for lunch. And save the pick for another time.

Time now to get off my butt if only to take the garbage downstairs.


Door Dash Pizza

1st it was yummy. And $23 for 2 dinners and a lunch.

I'm not sure all this is saving me money but it is certainly coming out even and is a lot more interesting eating. At least so far.