The kids are all right

There are several regulars that have yet to come back to the gym. One guy who rarely every missed a 5 am start and actually lives in the building's apartments, has not been back. Susie, the Korean woman who came Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays hasn't been back BUT she did say they were going to Korea this fall for a month so maybe they already left. The guy in the gynormous blue swim trunks who did the hot tub every morning at 5:45 is still MIA. Oh and Michael and Karen who where there most days... haven't seen hide nor hair. Wonder if any of them will ever be back.

The cooler mornings are welcome but they aren't quite cool enough yet. Both cats decided that 4:25 was the time for us all to get up today. They have been hard at work all morning. Just now I was in the bathroom sitting on the john when they both came in and Biggie even brought in Stickie. Thoughtful little bugger that one.

They are in for a treat today. The house cleaner will be here and they are so ready to help. I don't have a lot to do while I'm staying out from under her feet. I have a nice load for Goodwill.

This morning, while I was swimming, I mentally created my next Goodwill load. I have drawers of stuff in the sewing room that I have not touched in more than a year. I think it's time to share that wealth. I think I can even eliminate one of the the drawer units all together. I really would love to have shelf and drawer space to spare and I know I can get there.

Last night, one of the Mariners high round draft picks finally made it to the big leagues. His parents were in the stadium cheering him on. He totally bobbled a catch and allowed a run. And then he struck out. And then, he hit a home run to tie the game. The tv production people did a wonderful job of recording it all - the ball going into the bullpen where the Mariner relief pitchers scrambled to save it - the joy and satisfaction on the guy's face as rounded the bases - the reception by his teammates back in the dugout which seemed to go on forever ... but the very best was the reaction of his parents. This season and many seasons of being a Mariner fan leaves me hating the game but that kind of thing flips that switch pretty fast.

The boys were cuddled in their bowl until a few minutes ago when, apparently, it became time to play chase. Now they are on a break grabbing some kibble. Busy Busy Busy


Really nothing has changed

Well, one thing has changed. Now when I leave, for any reason, like even to go get the mail, this is what I come back to... these two by the door waiting.


Who in the world could want more than that???

Now they are outside playing after scarfing down dinner.

All is fine here.

I did walk 15 minutes. I didn't love it. But I did it.

My brother made airline reservations to come see me in January. Yeah!! He's so nice to help me with house stuff. This year we are going to empty all the crap out of the terrace cupboards and take it all to Goodwill. I hope. And I'm thinking up other projects we can do.

The Mariners are back home tonight so the game doesn't come on until 7. The house cleaner comes tomorrow so I need to do some picking up of shit. I may have to turn the a/c on again. Sigh.

Not good news

There are, apparently, two tests for feline leukemia. One says probably and then there is an expensive test that says for sure that. Both Biggie and The Smalls failed the first test. It is very likely they both have stage 5 leukemia (where the virus has entered the bone marrow) and, so, a very short life span - best estimate under 4 years - mostly likely 1-2. I opted for the expensive definitive test although it was probably a stupid waste of money. The result - either way - will change nothing. But, by the time I got to the decision, I was entering hour 3 at the vets office and she kept telling me that the test was 'best medical practice' and I knew when I adopted them that they would be expensive medically and so I totally wiped out all the savings from my new cellphone plan. but, oh well.

They were very good. Except when they were being jabbed for blood and/or having their nails clipped, they were in that damn thing the whole time and did not even cry. Biggie had to have bandages on his legs where they drew blood. The vet said I could remove them when I got home and he was REALLY glad to get rid of them. And the Smalls helped him lick the spots.

They will call me in two or three days with the results and send me more info. There's nothing that can be done so I'm not sure why the test. Oh well.

I'm bummed but hey. I knew this had high probability before I chose to adopt them. There's a good chance that my own lifespan is not much longer than theirs. They are happy and lively now and appear to have forgiven me for this morning.

Biggie's in the back of the carrier here but, yes, I took Stickie with us. Just in case.


Anti tech

I hate Apple announcement days. My Twitter feed and other geeky resources get all spun out of control for days and days on subject I could not care less about. I have less than zero interest in anything that Apple makes and now my usual interesting world of tech news is going to be a mine field of Apple crap. Oh well.

In other news, swimsuit 2.1a had its first swim today and it's a true winner. So much so that swimming in the suits I made with the version 1 pattern are going to be really uncomfortable to swim in. Good thing they were near end of life anyway. The pool this morning was crowded! But for the first time since it re-opened, I did not feel like a 4 year old in floaties. My form felt better and my numbers reflected it. I swam better and faster. It was good.

Oh! fresh poop!! I shouldn't have worried. I now have >24 hour refrigerated poop and >12 hour fresh poop. I'm well pooped for the vet. I pulled out the carrier to set it up and leave it out for them to explore. I did this on the bed intending to take it to the living room. But, by the time I got it all zipped and ready, it was full of cats so I just left it on the bed. It really is a very nicely designed. This is the first time I've actually used it. It's been flat in my closet since I got it.

Just saw this on twitter. And it tickles my fancy. It's right up there with odometer number line ups.

I'm going to try out a different cellphone service. Right now I have T-Mobile. Unlimited data for $50 a month. In the past three months, I haven't gone over 3 GB of data. I'm going to try out Mint Mobile. $60 for 3 months - 8 GB. (unlimited texts and calls and hotspot for both T-Mobile and Mint Mobile.). If I can really get by on less than 3 GB a month and the service is fine, I could very well opt for the plan that is $180 for an entire year. Mint uses T-Mobile so I'm not really seeing a downside. I ordered the sim last night.

I did not walk on the treadmill yesterday or really walk anywhere. This is not a habit I want to get into. So today there will be treadmill walking. I started a new audio book that has my interest so that will help. The Dead Girl in 2A by Carter Wilson.u has three different readers which is always disconcerting. One good one is my preference.

But first, off to the vet. Well, actually, first, get dressed ... then off to the vet.

poop stress dialed back to 0. Whew

So. Tomorrow I take the boys into the vet. They get a blood test but also the vet wants to run a test on their poop. So I need to bring in some fresh. I do not know when or where they poop. That's their business.

I've been worrying about how I was going to fulfill the poop assignment. They poop collector they gave me said they needed poop that was either younger than 12 hours old OR 24 hours or younger if it had been refrigerated.

I was in the sewing room sewing away when I heard much litterbox action so I went to check... FRESH POOP!!!!! I put it in a baggie and it's now in my fridge. I will try to get a very fresh one tomorrow but if I don't, I'm covered already so no biggie. Whew.

I'll skip the photo.


I tried out the swimsuit made from the new pattern and it was fine. There are tweaks I need to make... The shoulder straps need to be moved towards the neck a bit and the elastic needs to be tightened up all around but I like it. I made the arm holes way bigger and that, alone, makes swimming better. For this test suit, I did not line it and that, also, made for a different swim experience. One that I quite like. Lining is more fiddly and more expensive. It makes the suit last longer but I'm not sure I care about that. Unlined is more comfortable, drys faster, takes up less room and wet weight in the swim bag... considering...

Also yesterday I gave myself a hair cut. I've had mixed results with cutting my own hair. I tend to make dramatic mistakes but not yesterday. Yesterday's cut is good. And cheap and no chit chat. Plus getting the appointment was a breeze.

A while back, I collected all the cat toys and put them into a basket under a side table. The basket went largely ignored until this morning. Biggie went 'shopping' in the basket and found a little stuffed toy about the size of a roll of pennies. It has a bell inside and something crunchy. The two of them have been rolling it around and tossing it now for 30 minutes.

They are always so busy.

Today I think I'll make the tweaks to the swimsuit pattern and then make another suit to see if I've nailed it yet. I have 3 different swimsuit fabrics on hand. One I love, one I like and one that I feel meh about. I'm going with the meh for test number 2.

Other than that, no great plans for today.

It's only supposed to get up to 66 degrees today. After the Seahawks game was over and all the drunks had gone home, I turned off the air conditioner and opened the door and that's the way it's been for more than 12 hours now but still, it's nearly 75 degrees in the living room (the room with the door open). It takes so long to cool down this place. Hopefully, by the end of this week, the temps will have come down. The sewing room is like 20/25 yards from the open door. So it will take more than a week. I'm still running a fan back there.

This, too, shall pass.

Just a boy and his beloved Stickie


We had some weather!

Seattle is known for rain but Seattle rain is a drizzle. In the movies and on TV, shows set in Seattle have most scenes with pouring rain and lightening and thunder. That's cinematic Seattle. Not real Seattle.

Except for last night. Last night, it poured friggin' buckets. Cats, dogs and miniature horses. And lightening and thunder. So much that you could even match the lightening bolts to the thunder claps.

I grew up in the Southeast. Thunderstorms were a daily event. I even, once, had lightening come into my bedroom through one window and exit through another while I was sitting on my bed watching.

But most people in Seattle have never seen the kind of lightening and thunder we had last night. It was impressive. There were kids (young adults) on the street, in the rain, to watch and they ooooooo'd and ahhhhhh'd like they would at fireworks. It was really quite the show.

And Twitter went nuts with reports and photos. It actually made for a fun evening.

Then I went to bed and to sleep to discover that The Smalls, has, indeed, learned his how to sleep with me lesson. No nose biting. He just snuggled in on one side while Biggie snuggled in on the other. The only interruption was when I rolled over onto Stickie. I'm not the only thing that Biggie likes to sleep with.

The other amazing thing about last night was that it was cool enough to turn off the air conditioner. And it looking at the forecast, this may be a continuing thing. Right now, there are only two days next week with highs showing in the low 70's. The rest are highs in the 60's. Sooooo nice.

I did 30 minutes on the treadmill this morning instead of swimming. It was boring and tough but it is great to have the option and it's done.

Oh! The Smalls just came in from the terrace where he and Biggie have been hanging out. He jumped on me and his paws were cold. What a funny sensation. They's never seen Fall or Winter. Wonder what they will think. So far, since I can keep the door open, they are fans.

The baseball game is at 11 today. And I want to stitch up the new swimsuit. And I need to find a new audiobook. The one I started last night isn't going to work. And I need to find out why the library book I checked out a few days ago did not end up on my Kindle. And ... oh I need to make some egg muffins for breakfasts next week. So... you know... the usual.

The scraps afghan I'm working on is now big enough to share with the cats, while I work on it. We all approve.


New new

I got the new pattern for the swimsuit drafted and the fabric cut. I'll assemble it tomorrow.

But the big 'make' for the day was give The Stickie a new outfit. Stickie has a braided string at the end of the pole and then a ball and then, it had, a long fluffy feather. The feather came off in bits. The day the last bit came off, I made a quick and dirty 'tail' so that playing could continue.

Today I gave Stickie a proper dressing. And it met with approval by the audience.



And another one bites the dust

Every pool in town has an aqua aerobics class at 9 am on Saturdays. It's nuts. My pool was the only one that does not and today, I was not very graciously kicked out of the pool at 8:55. 'FYI from now on we have aqua fit class here at 9.' I was done and they still had 5 minutes anyway. There was no reason for them to be rude. I was there first and there was no sign anywhere nor any notice. Bitches.

Now that I have the treadmill, weekend swims are really no longer required anyway. I have always hated that the gym doesn't open til 8. Plus Sundays, like tomorrow, when the Seahawks have a home game, it's a pretty dicey proposition to be out in the car anyway. We'll see. But, if I do swim on a Saturday again, the pool will be mine until 9 am - not 8:55. Got that, bitches?

Then I went to QFC. I really don't like QFC but, now there are two things that I can only get there so they have me. They have a white bread that I really like. It's dense with a wonderful texture and perfect for both sandwiches and toast. And their Vietnamese spring rolls are really the best in town. And cheap.

I stocked up. I'm addicted now to fuji apples. Others mock but I've always loved red delicious apples. Now, however, they are increasingly difficult to find. So I'm signed up for team fuji. Apples are my go to snack and today the fujis were on sale so I am apple rich.

It's cool enough to have the door open and the boys are playing outside. The Smalls is still having a hard time understanding that night time is sleep time, not bite my face time. I had to kick him out of bed a couple of times last night. Finally, he got the picture. I hope he remembers tonight.

I got invited to the beta of a 3-D nail polish deal called ManiMe. Best I can tell, it's press on nails but those made specifically for your nails. You take photos of your nails and send them in and then pick your color and spend $15 and a couple of weeks later you re in 'biz'. I am sure they are great but I am also sure they will not be swim proof. But, we shall see. I'm willing to spend $15 to find out.

I have no big plans for today. I need to put away the rest of the groceries and find room in the freezer for the two loaves of bread and update the spreadsheet. I need to download the next audiobook and update Goodreads. And.. after that... who knows? The baseball game is at 4. And there may be treadmill time. Or swimsuit sewing. I am the boss of me, she says oh so gratefully.


I'm beginning to question my plan to use the inhaler with the smaller dose of Spiriva. Today has not been horrible but several times I've had to fight for enough breath. This morning, my first few laps were iffy and now I'm resting to get enough breath to take the garbage down to the dumpster.

One day is not enough to judge. It also could be psychosomatic. The anti-plecebo effect. I think I'll try to do a few more days and if there is still an issue, I'll switch to the high priced spread and see if that fixes it. Options. But, meh. I liked my plan.

I did not do swimsuit... Instead, I did laundry. A bunch of it. And then, I did a freezer inventory - written down. I went in there this morning to get something and found 5 servings of chicken alfredo that I had totally forgotten about. That annoys me.

So today I took every single thing out and counted and listed it all in a spreadsheet with check boxes. It's on the bulletin board next to the fridge. And there is a link to it on the homepage of my phone. I feel much better. And, I do not need to buy sausage, breakfast patty or dinner link, for a very long time.

Alfredo for dinner.

I am really enjoying wearing my old Garmin watch. I'd forgotten some of its tricks and a lot of the user interface stuff is way better than the fancier one I've been wearing for a few years. Why in hell did they fuck that up? I'm so glad I hung on to this one.

I thoroughly cleaned out both litter boxes (and having my face in that dust could be part of the just now breathing sitch.... now that i think about it) and gathered up all the trash and garbage. My cart is loaded and I think I'll just take that down to the dumpsters now and then watch something on TV!