Forgive me LBGTQ, for I have sinned

The emergency vet hospital is way up north in the middle of franchise-ville. It is in what was once a Staples next to where the nice K-Mart used to be surrounded by Taco Bell, Dollar Tree, KFC, Krispy Kreme, Burger King.... nearly any franchise you want all right there... including Chick-Fil-a.

Chick-Fil-a started out as the fast food place of shopping malls in the South. They had good chicken. I was a fan. Then I moved. Then they grew. Then their politics came to light. And good thinking, woke folks protested with their feet and wallet, me included.

It was really easy for me. Until a very few years ago there was no Chick-Fil-a anywhere in the state. Since we've gotten a few, I'd been once - when my friends from New Zealand were here. If you are unaware of their politics, it's great place. Clean and so friendly.

But, I am aware of their politics.

Last night, after leaving Biggie in the hospital I was starving. And there it was. Shining in the dark. Luring me in. Clean and so friendly. I got a chicken sandwich and fries and a diet Dr. Pepper to eat on the way home. I am sorry. I am repentant. But, I know I will never stray again because, GOOD NEWS! I did NOT like the sandwich. It had a funny taste to it. And the waffle fries were not crisp.

Nope. Never again. I promise. And I'm sorry for last night.

I'm waiting now to hear from the hospital. They said they would call with an update this morning. I suspect they are waiting to see if he's good enough to come home before they call. I'm ready to go get him and The Smalls is readier than me.

I did go swimming today - it was a 4:30 am decision. I was awake and The Smalls was having my face and hands for breakfast. So I decided he could handle my going to the pool and I did. The Sounders soccer team has a playoff game in the stadium across the street tomorrow and the Seahawks are playing there on Sunday. Both will make it kind of dicey to get the car out and then back in so likely no swim this weekend. I was glad I went today.

I'm doing a load of laundry and then I'll probably finish up the sewing I did yesterday while I wait for Biggie to be ready.

I moved money around so that I could pay off the credit card charge. Yeah for cash back on that one for sure. I am very grateful that I have the money to move around. Very. My savings account is/was pretty healthy as it's where I dump money every month to pay for Mariners tickets, my annual HOA bill and the annual real estate tax bill. They come due in November, December and February respectively. Fortunately, I had extra in there already so this just means my rainy day fund is now more suited to a drizzle than a gully washer.

We're having some wind this morning and it's lovely to see the leaves dropping from The Tree That I Hate. I can't wait to meet the neighbors across the way.

The Smalls is keeping Biggie's spot avail in case he should get home before the current nap ends.


5 hours later

At 4 pm no word from the vet and Biggie wasn't purring any more so I put him in the carrier and left The Smalls here. It killed me to separate them but in retrospect, it was good I did.

At the vets office I got an excellent vet this time. Straight talk, good info, no guilt, kindness. She took an x-ray. Blockage. By this time it was too late to get surgery there. My choice was to take Biggie to the very expensive emergency vet or wait until tomorrow morning. The wait was not without dangers. They contacted the emergency vet they liked the best and the folks said they could do it tonight. So I decided to go ahead.

We left the regular vet's and drove up to the emergency vet's. The emergency vet was way the fuck north of Seattle. But I had plenty of time to look them up on my phone and they have an office a half mile from where I was. I asked why I was going all the way to their other office and was assured the trip was worth it. "Their downtown office if often understaffed," she said politely but with clear meaning. So off we went.

The place is huge and bright at the people there were terrific. The wait was long. At the regular vet's they had given Biggie a bunch of fluids so he was no longer really lethargic and, was pretty perky and pissed.

And, it's very expensive so they were very careful to ensure I understood that and could/would pay. The actual list of charges was interesting. Line by line, nothing seemed unreasonable really. But the total... arugh. They give you a high end and a low end and they collect the low end amount upfront. I paid $4000 for my first new car. I paid $4600 tonight. But, in fairness, the new car was in 1971 and while cute was not as sweet as Biggie.

They will call me tonight when he gets out of surgery. He will have stitches an a cone for 2 week with instructions to limit his physical activity. I have no idea how that's going to work.

The risk of infection is good and his maybe (but didn't they say no) leukemia could make that worse. If all goes well, he may come home tomorrow.

As I was leaving tonight, the very sweet woman at the front desk said for me to call her anytime at all for an update. If you wake up at 3 am and want to know, call me. BUT experience tells me that no news is good news tonight.

The Smalls was out of his mind by the time I opened the door. He was also out of wet food. He has food new and is ok, so far, with just me.

Fingers and toes and everything else crossed. Hopefully soon I'll be trying to figure out how to slow that guy with the Cone Of Shame down and keep him quiet for two weeks.


Now I'm waiting for a call back from the vet. I called to ask what is involved with the x-ray/radiography she mentioned yesterday and again in her notes. I think that is probably the next step but I don't want to take him back in only to find out they can't do it there or then or something so I called. But got voicemail (which you get when they are busy).

Biggie has moved around a very small bit. He's been drinking water. Will not touch anything to eat no matter what it is. But just after I left the message at the vet's, he threw up all the water.

He's more alert than he was. He moves from the bedroom to the living room and back when he wants. And to the water fountain when he wants. But he's still broken. The Smalls tried to wrestle with him but he was not into it so I had to separate them.

I did a little sewing but really I've just been stewing and debating about whether to cart him up and take him back - until I came up with the plan of calling. Now I'm just waiting.

I gotta say, I've had more fun days.

I'm turning off comments on these entries out of selfishness. Generally I can take whatever you dish out but my defenses are down right now. While I appreciate the love and caring that most of you would like to extend, I'm going ask you to use ESP instead of LJ so I don't have to see the comments of those who assume I am an uncaring idiot and my vet service employs the uneducated.

Biggie Update

He got way worse and now maybe I'm seeing signs of improvement?

After I moved him to the couch last night, he didn't move. When I'd stroke him, he didn't object but didn't really respond. The Smalls and I went to bed. I woke up about 2 and checked on him in the living room and he was the same. I carried him into the bed. He didn't seem to mind but also didn't seem to care. The Smalls snuggled up next to him.

I woke up a lot all night to check. No change. I skipped the swim and finally got up about 6:30. He had moved off the blanket a little and when I stroke him, he responds. I quickly lifts his head to look. I can, fairly easily get a purr out of him now. I moved him back to the sofa and he even sat up for a few minutes. And now he's raising his head to look around without being prompted.

But, he has really walked anywhere since 6:30 last night and hasn't had anything to eat or drink since about mid-day yesterday. I put a nibble of food on my finger and he was having none of it.

The vet's instructions were to feed him small meals often and watch him over the next 24 to 48 hours. She was not my favorite vet of the bunch. But that could be because she didn't fix him.

The Smalls is taking car of him now.



I just got a little bit of water in a bowl and put it under his nose and he sipped a little! And then I put it beside the blanket and after The Smalls got his silly nose out of it, Biggie got up and drank.


And THEN he got off the sofa and went over to the water fountain!!!!

This is Big for Biggie. He's now resting over by the water fountain.

Maybe, maybe, maybe we'll be ok.

Heart breaking

I went into the bedroom and scooped Biggie up off the floor and brought him out to the living room on the couch. He has not moved much. The Smalls ate his dinner and then sat in the bedroom. When I brought Biggie out here, The smalls snuggled up next to him and that's where we are now an hour and a half later.


I knew, when I adopted them, that they were sick. But this part is not fun. And what in the world will happen to The Smalls if something happens to Biggie?

Apres vet

I told Biggie that if he threw up one more time, we were going to the vet. He did so we did. The Smalls is fine. Eating and causing trouble. But I was worried about Biggie. I pulled out the carrier and The Smalls hopped in. I thought about leaving him here but figured that would be fair to either of them.

They both got weighed and examed and neither showed obvious problems. The vet agreed that The Smalls was clearly fine. She gave Biggie a shot which really really really pissed him off. I'd never seen him that made and neither had The Smalls. It was almost funny. The vet said that he should feel better starting in an hour (about now).

He's in the bedroom, just sitting on the floor. The Smalls keeps going in to check on him.

Earlier today



I found the step stool and then lost the allen wrenches that Assembly Guy handed me as he was leaving yesterday. But then I found them.

So... for the record.

All the mustard I own is in the fridge - door shelf, second from the top.

The step stool is under the shelf behind the kitchen trash.

The allen wrenches are in the yellow footstool's underbelly pocket.

I did empty out 7 batches of miscellaneous shit and put it away where it belongs or tossed it. And I cleaned out and organized that wooden box. Nice.


Then I gathered all the blankets and pillows not being used around the house and put them in the new sofa storage. A few of them can go to Goodwill but for now there is plenty of room under there. Biggie approved, by the way.


And then... Mr. Assembly put the handy little power strip holder on the end near the window and showed me how to move it. I decided I wanted it on the other end, so I took it off. And then found the perfect power strip for it. Fits like a glove.


Pretty handy!

I had to order longer USB cables (I cannot even believe I'm buying more USB cables... arugh!). Once they get here, and I can move the current cables. I think I'll be set.

The Smalls has been his old self this afternoon. Eating and getting into stuff. Biggie, I think still feels a little punk but I still think he'll snap out of it here in a little bit. I was down in the sewing room for a while and he interrupted his nap to come down there to find me.

Mustard, The Sequel... still not a metaphor

I went back to Grocery Outlet and blew another $.99 on another mustard to replace the missing one. rsc predicted the original would turn up as soon as I got a replacement. He underestimated my overachievementness. Completely forgetting that I had already replaced it, I forgot to mark it off my list and, so , of course, I bought more at the grocery store.

Only then did the original turn up. On the correct shelf in the fridge. I am now currently overmustarded.

Biggie has now thrown up several times. So whatever it is/was is shared. Neither of them show any signs of discomfort. They are both eating and playing and teasing each other. Well, right now, they are napping but that's because the morning has been full of the usual shenanigans. But, I'm keeping a close eye on them. Hopefully, it's a passing thing and/or still reaction for that damn pool noodle that will be all gone in a few hours.

Just now when I came back from a dumpster run.


I canceled my Google order for the new phone. Amazon has the same phone for the same exact price except $10 less in tax and it comes with a $100 gift card. I was going to trade in my Pixel 3 for $255 credit but the cheapest used one on Amazon is more than $300 so... I'll sell mine there instead. And it looks like I may even get it a couple of days sooner. OH and I get 5% cash back. The only down side is that they do not offer the orange one. I had to go with white. Oh well.

I got potato chip grease on my new sofa. I got out my trusty carpet cleaner and looked - it says 'upholstery, too!' and gave it a spritz. All gone. Folex. Miracle juice. Death to Dirt.

I think I'll make sure the cat carrier is where I think it is* in case I need to haul these two to the vet. And then relax on my purple couch!

My handy little step stool is not in any one of the 4 or 5 places I think it should be. That little sucker has run off.

October is half gone

Last night, I got woken twice by The Smalls throwing up. I lay there in the dark thinking this was the beginning of how he would end. Do I take him to the vet today? What could they do? I was so sad. Finally about 3, I got up and turned on the light... he'd thrown up red styofoam! Doh. There is a part of a swim noodle left somewhere - probably under something - that I can't find. But, he can. They love styofoam so much. I cleaned up the not very messy mess and got back into bed greatly relieved. He hopped up and joined me and Biggie as soon as I turned off the light and began cleaning himself. He's fine. Just fine. Whew.

When they announced the new Pixel phones yesterday, they said they would not be shipping until October 24. My brain registered that as weeks away. Then I got a meeting invite for next Thursday and I saw the date... October 24. Wait - that's just next Thursday???? Boy, I'm really not living this month in the moment. But yeah on not having to wait for my phone. I ordered its case today from Amazon.

I'm still working on the living room set up. I need another foot stool - a short, small one. Then I need to figure out the end table arrangement. One of the reasons I picked these particular pieces - besides comfort- was to have options. Now I have too many.

Today, besides arranging furniture and accessories about a million times, I'll also be making an ironing board cover. And, maybe assembling a new top that I cut out of my scrap box last week.

I have my next two organization projects lined up. The first one is Floatsam and Jetsam. I have at least 4 and likely more baskets, bowls, boxes of random stuff. I need to empty them all out and put the stuff were it belongs and not in random baskets, bowls and boxes. And, after that, it's time to redo the living room cupboard. Take everything out/cull and return - last time I did not include the drawers - this time I need to do them, too. I have too much stuff and too much redundant stuff. Goodwill, clear your selves! (Well, probably no rush. Not sure when this will happen.)

For now... I think I'll get dressed.

I'm way too old for this

I am exhausted but it is done and it is good. My room feels so much bigger and expansive. And tidier.

Keifer, who, shockingly enough, did not turn out to be Keifer Southerland, arrived on time and ready to work.His truck wasn't big enough to take all my furniture on one load so he made one trip and then reloaded and made the second one after he left here.

He was quite a nice piece of eye candy, honestly. And very sweet and very nice and pleasant to have around. He wasted not one single minute but was careful in what he did. One thing that skyrocketed him to the top of my list of favorite service people ever was NO CHIT CHAT! I have no idea if he's married, single, lived here all his life, likes working for Task Rabbit, plans to be a doctor... nothing. I know nothing. And it was heaven. He just quietly did what he was here to do. It was not uncomfortable in any way. He did a perfect job. $150 plus tip and I ended up tipping him $50. He was just so perfect.

I love my new room. It feels good. I haven't gotten all the bits where I want them yet. And the couch has an enormous storage area that is now empty. But, everything is plugged in and handy for right now and I am too sore and tired to do more right now.

I'm pleased with the whole project. And am so glad I did it.

The boys christened the blue chair.


But then Biggie left The Smalls to it and transferred over to the couch.


Oh and after Kiefer (not Southerland, alas) left, I was starving so I broke my 'don't guy from the Cherry Street Coffee Shop next door' rule. I will not be breaking that rule again. Who the fuck puts pickled onions on bagel/lox/cream cheese, etc? Pickled??? no. Plus, they are just snotty down there. Even if they did keep me from starving today.