Momentous Days

Tomorrow is the 20th anniversary of our last big earthquake. (And, wouldn't it be cool if it were the last one?) I put up a quick web page that dayso my Mom could see and print it out for her friends. She was quite famous at 'the home' in Charleston, SC because she had a daughter in The Big One.

Today was my first frivolous post-COVID 19 outing. My first time leaving the house with no good reason or need to do so since March 15, 2020.

I'm glad I went. I've had Grocery Outlet on the brain for most of that year. I'm over it now. Grocery Outlet is the kind of place you really need to visit often and stay on top of their inventory to get the most out of what they have. The closest one is now too far for me to go often. And, today, like days of old, I just mostly bought stuff I didn't really need. Although that ginger biscotti is damn good.

It was fun and an adventure.

I was surprised and pretty delighted to see masks on nearly every face on the street and in the store. The few who were without were not near anyone, outside, and had a mask visible at their neck or in their hand.

I'm proud of you, Seattle.

The Friday Five

The deal is that you answer the questions in your journal and then copy a link to your answer entry in a comment on the FridayFive. Although, I have found that people tend to leave their answers in comments to whatever entry they like. And, that's cool, too.

1) What has been your favorite job?

I've been fortunate enough to have more than a few favorite jobs! It's actually hard to pick one. But, I guess I'd go with Executive Assistant to the Director (sounds, fancy, doesn't it?). The director headed up the lab and plant that created the IBM AS/400 which, at the time, was a mind blower. My job was to prepare the executives for the product announcement and launch.

2) What did you like about it?

I got to sit in on all the high level meetings and learn all the inside skippy. Then see the executies use the tools I'd given them and be successful because of those tools. I was good at my job and I had tons of appreciation for every little thing I did. It was wonderful.

3) How can a kid become like you when they grow up?

Good question and I'm not sure except just be open to stuff. Particularly stuff that interests you. Find what you really love doing and then figure out how to do it best. That sounds so pollyanna but really, it's the trick. Be willing to do the work and show up and do it. School or work.

4) What safeguards do you use to avoid mistakes?

Stay awake. Pay attention. Heck now everyone has the internet so you can sit in your pajamas and learn everything you want to know!

5) What's changed in the world that you've had a hard time keeping up with?

Honestly, I can't think of much. I would like for everyone to keep up. And I truly hate the assumption that old people are stupid. I'm old. Not stupid.


I grabbed a small plate with wet hands this morning and it dropped to the floor hitting one of the very few spots of exposed tile. Little pieces of plate chips everywhere. I uttered the appropriate expletives and went on to make my breakfast. I just now got my second cup of coffee and via my phone told the vacuum to please go suck up all those chips. Robby is on it. Biggie is unimpressed but even so keeping a very watchful eye. (I keep telling him he can watch the app just as easily but, no, eyes on the prize, that one.) I do love being able to tell Robby to do kitchen only.

Good use of Twitter: verification that we are not under attack. I was in bed listening to my book and play computer games so I couldn't hear exactly what it was but it sounded like cannon booms or other big guns. I stopped the book and the computer game to get quiet... and then went to Twitter and discovered that it was thunder! Thunder is a rarity around here so it's called out on Twitter. I was clueless because it was sunny and dry when it got dark last night so I didn't see any storm roll in. It was a really odd experience.

I'm very tempted to stay in a crochet this morning. My new project is really captivating. But, I think I'll stick to the plan and go peruse the offerings at Grocery Outlet. It's been a year since they closed the one near here. I used to be in there a couple of times a week and I really miss it. I haven't been in one since. Until today. I could actually use some produce but mainly I just want to nose around.

Then I'll come home and crochet.


And so vaccinated life begins...

I thought I slept great but Fitbit thought I slept a little less than great so maybe my vaccine reaction happened while I was sleeping. Perfectly fine by me.

My new vaccinated/walk more life will have more trips outside this condo. I'm shooting for one a day. I have a list of places. And, I've already done today's!

I went to Costco. I wanted to get more of that sliced steak and my prescriptions. Turns out only 2 of the 3 prescriptions were ready. NBD. I told her I'd come back on Monday - old people's hour. They moved the steak and I thought maybe they were still out but finally found it. Also scored some interesting grilled chicken bits.

I was in and out in 24 minutes and that included waiting in line at the Pharmacy. Oh and I remembered to use my $20 store credit that has been hanging in my email for freakin ever. Score.

Tomorrow I might go to Grocery Outlet. Sunday, I'm going nowhere because 1. pastry delivery and 2. The First Mariner Game Of The Season!!! Monday, I'll go back to Costco. Tuesday is up for grabs - maybe Seattle Recreative - and Wednesday will be swimming. Plans, baby, I gots plans!

And speaking of swimming. My COPDness is totally gone. I could have easily swum tomorrow. Kind of sorry, now, that I gave up my time slot. But, I think settling into once a week - Wednesdays at 11:30 - is more comfortable all the way around for me.

A woman who lived up on the the 5th floor here in this building died yesterday. I actually saw an ambulance here on the Front Door cam and wondered. She had lived here as long as I have or close to it and was just a whiny bitch always and got worse over the years. The building manager sent out a really nice email informing everyone. He said the right words in the right tone (including, interestingly, that her death was not COVID related). And he included a decent photograph of her. It was really impressive. She lived alone. I don't know if she had family or not.

I guess now that makes me the whiniest old bitch in the building. I will serve faithfully and proudly.

I have a new crochet project to start today. It's a blanket of stitches I don't currently know how to do. It's a Crochet Along. The author posts the first bit of the instruction. You do it and then in a week more is posted and you do that. The very first bit is Tunisian Entrelac Crochet. Looks like a checkerboard. I'm jazzed to get started.

But first, I need to get my Costco foods into the freezer/fridge. And the freezer needs a bit of an organization before I do that.

Quick Report

So far, 18ish hours later, the 2nd vaccine turns out to be easier than the first and the first was fine. My arm was a little sore after the first one. Now, if I lift it exactly the right way, I can feel that something happened but calling it sore would be a stretch. And, otherwise, zero reaction at all.

I'm off to Costco. More later.

Almost anti climatic

I was halfway to the clinic before I realized I had forgotten my vaccine card. It was still on the magnetic board that hangs on my front door with a big circle around it and arrows and a note that says DON'T FORGET. Not all great plans...

But they shot me anyway. And gave me a second card. The shooter told me she'd had lost cards, washed cards, dog eaten cards... I wasn't even original. These cards were designed by the Trump administration. They do not fit into any wallet anyway and are totally impractical but are, apparently, the only proof you can get right now. That and a screen shot of the VSafe screen.

Screenshot 2021-02-25 at 2.57.03 PM


Last time we had to listen to this whole lecture and they wouldn't let us leave until they said so.

This time, they told us to time ourselves and leave after 15 minutes. No lecture. No info. No warning. We be good.

Last time I felt the prick and my arm was a tiny bit sore for about 12 hours. This time I did not feel the prick and so far not sore one bit.

And in other news, I just discovered that it is Thursday, not Friday, so I can go to Costco early hour and pick up my prescriptions and that steak they didn't have earlier in the week, tomorrow! yeah,

See you next year!

When you are 71 and 11/12ths, that is exactly what you want to hear from your doctor.

His office called yesterday and said that he wanted me to get a screening for Peripheral Arterial Disease before my appointment. They had it all set up so I went in 15 mins early and got PAD'd. I then went to wait for the regular doctor's appointment and didn't even get to open my email before I got called back. All in all, now that I think about it, I'll bet I did not wait more than 5 minutes total for the test or the doctor or anything else. Those people and their shit are together.

The doctor was appropriately jubilant at my weight loss. I also lost length. I'm down 63.75 inches. Now, I ask you... why in hell can't you lose width instead of height as you age??? At least you should get a freakin' choice.

Anyway, my heart is good, my lungs are good, my ears are good and my blood pressure was good my boobs were good. etc. He was surprised at no UTI symptoms but not regretful at the antibiotic recommendation. "This is a safe rather than sorry situation. Especially at your age." Fine by moi.

My PAD screening said I had a mild build up in my right leg. Well, my left leg - ankle and knee down are way fatter than my right. If there's any build up it's there. He asked about cramping and other symptoms. Nope. He then suggested I go for an ultrasound.

Him: The ultrasound will let us know if there is really an issue.
Me: What will you want to do after the ultrasound?
Him: Well, if it's mild, then probably just have you walk more.
Me: If it's not mild?
Him: Well, then I'd send you to a vascular specialist.
Me: How about I promise to walk more and we call it a day on the rest?
Him: ok

I love my doctor.

He moved my prescriptions back to Costco - 90 days each. Whew. and Yeah. Then I showed him this thing on my back which has been driving me nuts for years but really nuts lately. It's an old people skin thing that he says is just bigger than most and irritated because I scratch it (it itches!). He volunteered to freeze it off. YES!

So he left and came back with his freezing shit off gun. "This is going to sting a fair amount. Are you ready?" It almost got to sting but stopped shy. He did it again. Same. I told him his bark was worse than his bite and he told me that I was a Tough Cookie!

He told me to have a good vaccine this afternoon. We air kissed and he said "See you next year!"

I do spend way too much energy stressing over this whole thing. But, I am sure glad it's over and grateful to have another year.

On the way home, my tire light came on. I now have the goods to check and fix on my own, but I was already out and there's a very easy to get to Pep Boys so I pulled in there and they could not have been nicer about it. All of my tires needed a top off which was great since it meant there was no one of them that was a potential problem. While I was waiting for the air, I ordered up a sandwich from the bagel place two blocks over. I even added a banana chocolate chip muffin to my order for celebration. I stopped by and picked that up and now I am home.

Until 3 hours from now when I leave for the vaccine.

Several Misc Things

I'm feeling way less COPDy this afternoon. But, I canceled my Saturday swim anyway. I'd rather give up one swim in hopes of enabling the once a week plan.

I was totally correct about the Costco pizza. I pulled two pieces out of the freezer and air fried them for 8 minutes and they were perfect. This is so good. I'm perfectly fine with making a Costco pizza run in return for a freezer full of delicious. Best deal I've had since the two Papa Murphy's closed leaving the closest one now a good 30 minutes away.

The new robovac has three levels of suck - my first two runs were at the least (and supposedly most quiet) suck level. For giggles, I am now running it again at the suckiest level. I'll be interested to see how much more, if any, battery it eats up. And then to see what's in the bin when it's done. It's not noticeably louder.

The house cleaner comes a week from today. I think I'm going to tell her to just leave her vacuum at home. No need for her to drag it here when everything has been sucked up already.

This may well be the end of the vacuum discussion in this journal for a while.

I am crocheting a daffodil. I may do a bouquet. But, first, I need to go fold laundry.