The kitten who cried wolf

The Smalls is a random whiner. He isn't really a talker as in talks all the time but randomly throughout the day, from another room, he'll start this kitty crying. For No Reason. It lasts maybe 3 seconds. Enough to wonder if I should worry and enough to get Biggie's attention.

And while I'm on cat news... Stickie is missing! I can't find him anywhere. He was here yesterday morning but now is nowhere to be found. I've looked under a lot of things but my knee is bruised and crawling is hard. So I just hope they find it and bring it back or Stickie RIP.

Last night, Biggie got up on top of the kitchen cabinets and, so, then The Smalls did, too. I think I will not have to worry about the dust up there much longer. They spent all night crawling all over the space and collecting the dust on their feet and bringing it down for me. They couldn't have done this the day before the housecleaner came...


So the upper reaches of my home are now Cat Land. It was only a matter of time anyway. (And isn't that picture of my nephew adorable? He's now the father of two daughters who are twice the age already that he was then.)

The second pair of Zappos shoes did not past the shoe test on the treadmill this morning. So they are going back. It's fine. That leaves me with two pair that do fine on the treadmill which also means will do fine on the street. And one of them is even nice looking. And both can be worn with and without socks. I'm good.

I was not wrong about the Rolling Stones audience. It was pretty funny to see all the old people flooding into the stadium. Also I did not hear one peep. I did have the door closed and the air conditioner running but still, I can hear the football crowds and soccer crowds with ease. Not the Stones, however.

I found a sweater knitting pattern today that is enticing me to put down the crochet hook. I haven't knitted anything in a long time but I think I'm going to start this beauty today.

The baseball game is a morning game. I can get a good start on it then.

I saw this photo this morning on twitter. It's so stunning. That's a Seattle city swimming pool that's actually not that far away from my regular pool. It's 50 yards long (twice as long as my gym pool) and salt water. It's wonderful to swim in. And it's open until after Labor Day. Why am I not swimming there every day?

Because their lap hours suck. Because they have such limited hours, it's always massively crowded. And it's a bitch to get to. There's very little parking. But, even if I took the bus... See where that pier meets the shore? Very near there is the closest you can get. And you have to walk from there to the pool. OR you can come through those trees which hide a very rocky, hilly path.

The last time I attempted it, I could not even enjoy my swim for worrying about getting back to my car. I decided then that it really wasn't worth it. But, every time I see this photo, I rethink the plan. It's just so stunning.

Only 20 more days to go.

Losing money

I'm losing money hand over fist. On the upside, I'm not losing nearly as much as really really rich people are losing. And Trump will be blamed for their losing all that money and the money I'm losing is investment money that I've actually lost before so not a tragedy but still...

And, speaking of losing money, Zappos is dealing dirty. Usually, I buy and return a bunch of shoes before finding one pair that I like and keep but sometimes not even one pair. This latest go-round has me maybe needing to keep two pair! I'm in tests. I wore my sandals to the gym and took one pair to try. I waited until I got inside the gym to put them on so I could still return them if they didn't work for treadmill walking. Sadly, they worked fine. Tomorrow I'll do the same with pair number two.

If I have to keep both, so be it. Even together they do not cost what I was resigned to paying for one pair that will work on the treadmill. (I figure if they will work on the treadmill, they will work perfectly well everywhere else.)

The treadmill walk this morning was still ok. I can now see myself doing it every day and its not being as horrible as I imagined. This morning a woman who was clearly at home there stopped by my treadmill and asked 'where have you been?' meaning she hadn't seen me in a long time. It's been about 6 years or maybe even more since I belonged to the gym but even more oddly, I did not recognize here even the tiniest bit. I explained that I'd been swimming and was back for a month while my pool was closed. She seemed satisfied and went away. Weird.

Today is house cleaner day so get out of the house day. I have a car full of Goodwill donations and then maybe I'll pop into the grocery.

The new quilt 'slept' perfectly. I have the next one all figured out. It will be for winter so not that big of a hurry.

Now I need to check the house for stuff that needs to be put away so Amira can clean and then get into the shower.

My day

Immediately after writing that I was going nowhere, I got up and went and got a manicure! I remembered a place that I'd had good service before. It's over by the pool so I always close to it but never when it's open. Today I just waltzed in and they took me right away. A lovely young woman 'did' me and did a fine job and gave me a happy ending! While my nails were drying she gave me a shoulder and neck massage. It was wonderful. She also did a great job on my nails. And... she did not speak much English at all so NO CHIT CHAT!!

They look lovely against Biggies butt.


One problem with regular nail polish (as opposed to gels/powders) is curing time. It's so hard to just sit there and not use your hands for as long as you need to for the polish to set. Today, however, I was ready. I whipped out my Kindle and just read for 15 minutes. Now, here I am 5 hours later and there's not a scratch on 'em. Very satisfying. I may well go back again one more time before the pool opens.

I passed by the pool and looked to make sure there were no cars in it. I saw one of my fellow early morning folks standing at the corner. I think he rents an apartment across the street from the gym. An older guy. Really nice.

While I was getting a manicure, an old woman came in for a mani/pedi. She had on a very old Doors t-shirt on. I try to keep in my mind what I must look like to other people. It's very different than what I look like to me. To other people I am a fat old lady. Slow physically and probably slow mentally. But, at least able to get around on her own. And wearing a gynormous watch. The woman with the Doors t-shirt had on a granny watch but otherwise was a fat slow old lady. That t-shirt was a nice touch, tho. Wonder if she has Rolling Stones tickets.

I finished the quilt and I'm very delighted.


It's exactly the size I wanted. In Summer, particularly, I hate having too much blanket. Plus, I love how it looks on the bed. It could that for winter, I need a little more blanket real estate. I'm sure I will need it thicker. But I can use this one to test out and decide.


That's The Smalls there testing it out.

The Mariners are playing in Detroit so the 'night' game starts at 4 which is now. Also they are worse than we are so we have half a chance at not losing. yeah?


Getting to the gym this morning was easier than yesterday which was easier than the day before. I'm still only doing 30 minutes of a nice leisurely treadmill walk but it's doable and better than nothing. Tija (the gym owner) told me that 6 - 7:30 was very busy and this morning she was right. By the time I finished - 6:10, all the treadmills were full and the other machines were getting populated.

In a stunning reversal of normal, the Building Manager actually sent a useful, straightforward email yesterday. He let us know that the Rolling Stones will be doing a very loud sound check at the stadium tonight from 7-10. This also served as a reminder that they will be in concert on Wednesday. They concert stage faces away from here so for most concerts/sound checks all we get here is, actually, loud noise. I am, however, looking forward to seeing the parade of old people going into the concert on Wednesday.

My friends from the South Island of New Zealand have their trip for next year all planned and I'm so excited for them. They come every 2 or 3 years and always stop here for 5-7 days and then do New York or California or both. Sometimes, Southern Canada. But this year they are taking a trip I'd almost like to go with them on.

So this time next year, they will have seen more of the United Stages than I have! They get here the week of July 4. This year's Kiwi, comingto Seattle in October, is msconduct - representing the North Island!

Very coincidentally, last night I started watching a funky TV show on Prime - Step Dave. I was having a hard time understanding the accents - even with closed caption turned on until I finally realized it was set in New Zealand. Once I tuned my ear to Kiwi, it was a lot easier to understand what they were saying.

Today I'm going to sew the binding onto the quilt. I got it half done yesterday.

And I need to pick up cat detritus before the house cleaner gets here tomorrow. Otherwise, the day's activities are up in the air. It's going to be warm out, so unless there's a critical need to go get something, there won't be any going anywhere.

There will be a shower, however. Now.

This feels personal

badrobot68 shared a tweet with me this morning that was these four pictures.

It's the swimming pool of an LA Fitness that is in the north part of Seattle. A car crashed through the window into the pool WHILE PEOPLE WERE SWIMMING! Seriously, the idea freaks me out totally. Plus, just last year a motorhome crashed into the pool at my former gym one morning.

What is it with vehicular swimming around here????

My LA Fitness pool is situated in a manner that would make it very difficult for a car to crash into the pool. It could happen but it would not be simple. And, of course, I wouldn't be in it because it's closed. Also this happened at 8 am and I wouldn't be in it then anyway but still... this just freaks me out a little.

My shoes have arrived. They got here at 9 am which is amazing. Not so amazing is that neither Amazon nor Zappos let me know they had been delivered. Not handy.

None were keepers and so now they are all labeled and waiting for the UPS (who still handles their returns) driver who will be here shortly. Efficient.

One of the pairs will work BUT I can't handle black. So I ordered it in the only other color - beige. Another pair I liked a lot and then found on Amazon for $20 less. So I got them, too. I've got the Keens so I'm good for now. And the Goodwill hamper just got some shoes.

I got the quilt all pieced together and the binding all decided - which fabric (an old sheet - turquoise) and how big (3"). I'm so jazzed. I'm going to eat lunch because I'm starving and then I'll start cutting out the binding.

23 days to go

Headline news first. The Smalls seems fine. No more coughing/honking. So. Whew.

I woke up at 5:20 and probably could have gone back to sleep but decided to get up and get the gym over with. I did. It's good to just get up and go before I can come up with the list of reasons why I don't have to do it at all. My feet, calves, and hips were all fine. I even did a little elevation today. Gettin' frisky.

I may well go back later today when my shoes come in. I ordered 5 pair. If any pair is boarder line, I may just take it over there and try it out on the treadmill. I can still return them if they don't the treadmill test.

Besides waiting on shoe arrival, I'm hoping that the cats will let me work on the quilt.

I have a couple of grocery items I'd like but nothing I can't live without so it might just be that I go nowhere today. Wednesday is house cleaner day so also errand day.

The Smalls got to the cat tree basket first this morning so Biggie is just following me everywhere and then just watching closely.


Time now for me to get into the shower. Somehow I think he might not follow me there.

drive bys

I was in the bedroom running the hooks through the new shower curtain liner with both cats helping. The Smalls started honking, coughing a little. He did it once and then some time passed but when he did it again,Biggie hopped down off the bed immediately and went to check on his brother. He put his nose right in The Small's face until the coughing stopped. It was so sweet.

I heard The Smalls do this once several days ago. Today it was really only two honks. I'm hope hope hoping it's nothing.

Turns out that Amazon is now delivering Zappos! Makes sense but still kind of shocking. On the up side, my order was scheduled for Tuesday delivery but Amazon says it will be here tomorrow! Next up, I hope, Amazon credit card cash back rewards... When Amazon first bought Zappos I was so worried they would fuck it up but it's been at least 10 years - yep exactly 10 years - and they haven't fucked it up yet.

My calves are not wild about this walking on the treadmill thing either, turns out. We're all suffering from pool closure - sigh.

Biggie was trying to help the Mariners out this afternoon.



I think the gym thing may work out - especially since it's short term. It's handy to have it just across the street. And it's fun to have an extra hour.

Drive to pool, swim, shower, dress, drive home = 2 hours.
Walk to gym, walk, walk home, shower, dress = 1 hour or less.

These are the things I try to think about while I'm on the treadmill trying to make it to the end.

Today I wore my Keen sandals with thick socks and everyone - hips, knees, feet - were all fine with that arrangement. So, if I don't love the Zappos shoes I ordered, it's fine. And I have an interesting audio book going - The Silent Patient.

So, yeah, I'd totally rather swim but this will work until I can.

I have not used my own shower regularly in about 5 years since I always use the one at the pool. Yesterday, I decided that it was time for a new showerhead. Of course, I went to Amazon but, for once, it was just not giving me the warm and fuzzy info I wanted. There's a Home Depot about 2 miles down the road so why not do something radical like actually go physically buy one?! It was an interesting and satisfying experience. And I picked good. It's a fancy mofo with options from Drizzle to Buckle Up! And boy have shower heads gotten easier to install. This one didn't even need a wrench. 'hand tighten' OKDOKEY!

This morning, I discovered that making do without a shower curtain liner was probably not that smart ... the litter box is next to the shower and while there is very little litter that gets out, what does is not a good mix with water drops. This time, I'm letting Amazon bring it to me. Today. With cat food.

The cats are playing King on The Mountain with the cat tree bowl again. The Smalls is pretty selfish but also the smarter of the two. When he loses the battle and Biggie gets the bowl to himself, he lets it ride for a bit and then he sits on the other side of the room and stares at Biggie in the bowl. Until Biggie can't stand it and gets down to wrestle.

They are so hilarious. Always. And they need new collars. Again. The Smalls can probably go another week but Biggie's collar is getting pretty darned tight. I'll whip him up a bigger one today.

They let me work on the quilt for a long time yesterday. I now only have three panels left and I have the pieces for 2.5 of them completed. Then it will be time to figure out how to square it off. Then binding time and I'll be done! I'm already thinking about Quilt 2.0.

Last night's ballgame was nice. There was a big ceremony - very nicely done - for Edgar Martinez who went into the Hall of Fame this year. There were a couple of spectacular plays. The people sitting around me were fun. The food was good. But, of course, it's the Mariners so we lost. Oh well.

The green hair dye arrived. I may give that a try today. I'll watch the game and maybe, kittens willing, I'll work on the quilt.

And, finally, there's a woman who sits in front of me at every game. She always has the most magnificent shirts. Most of them are not even as simple as this one but all of them are out of the prettiest most fun fabric ever. I'd love to make a quilt out of the shirts in her closet. Here's last night's edition:


I really hate sweaty

I slept and slept and it was good. The cats were confused but they will get over it. I had a cup of coffee and when it turned 8, I went over to the gym.

We woke up to rain today. So nice!! I got really wet on my way to the gym which is at the end of the block across the street. It felt excellent.

This time I took two pairs of shoes. I started out with the pricey walking shoes. It was ok in the beginning but after about 10 minutes my right hip started complaining and my left calf???? So I stopped and switched to my Keen sandals. No problemo. So I'm glad we got that fixed.

Shortly after the shoe switch, the fire alarm went off and then this guy came on to tell everyone to leave through the stairwells. None of the other exercisers even slowed down so I didn't. and, sure enough, the front desk guy came back to tell us they were testing the system. No fire. Cool. Except the damn alarm and warning dude continued for 20 fucking minutes. I walked for about 20 minutes and then switched to the elliptical for another 15. The gym is tiny. If all the treadmills are full, I want to know I can use other machines.

I got sweaty. I hate that so much. I was really grateful it was still raining.

It's also cool enough to have the door open and so the cats are having a field day outside. The Smalls found a leaf and brought it in and proceeded to divide it into 25 or so smaller bits and spread those around living room. Autumn might not be the season I generally love this year.

Now I see that Biggie is trying to free the air conditioner duct. I have it double taped to the door jam because they've already tried to knock it out. You can see where the top tape has already been torn off.


Not only that, it appears he is planning something above... I'm not even sure what could possibly be grabbing his attention.

Anyway, home from the gym and cooled off somewhat. I had breakfast and now I need a shower.

I have a Diamond Club game tonight. And there is laundry that needs laundrying. And I will likely be doing some show shopping on Zappos. Otherwise, no big plans.

Pictures - quilt and cats - that is all.

The boys let me add two more rows. I think I'm probably going to go with 12 total so we're half done with the non-binding part. And I think I probably have enough fabric already cut to finish.


The flip side is the same, just different pieces. I really do like it. And I'm still debating about the edging. I'm thinking navy blue OR more patchwork. OR something else.

Somebody discovered that there is land atop the kitchen cabinets!!! Also about 27 years of dust. UGH.


When he was cabinet climbing, he was reorganzing the hall shelves.


His brother helped with the sewing.