Active Agressive

I did my freezer cleanout. Quite cathartic. I've got a lot to eat before the end of November!

I took the sosorryyoucan'tstay in a bag down to the dumpster. When I got to the garage there was a couple - 40/50s driving up in a massive SUV unloading a massive brand new TV. Neither had on a mask.

He drove off and she stood there next to the TV looking on her phone. No mask in sight. When I got back from the dumpster, I gave her my evil eye. She got it but no mask.

I came upstairs wondering what I could have said to them that would convince them to wear a fucking mask. Then I found some very pleasant Please Wear A Mask. It's Sign Of Respect. signs and printed out a few. And may still post them on the bulletin board downstairs but still that's not going to convince those unconvinced.

Then I looked on Amazon. They had a pack of those paper pleated masks - 50 for $6 (with tax) - Prime so free shipping. They will be here tomorrow. I'm going to start carrying one or two in my pocket each time I go out.

Next time.

"Here you go! Please wear this when you are in our public areas. Thanks!"

Totally worth $6 to me. Thank you Amazon.

off the fence

My everysingleday routine at the end of the day is... Turn off the TV, open the door to the outside, fill my tumbler with ice water and head to the bedroom. There I brush teeth, pill up and climb into bed where I sit with my audio book playing and a game on my tablet and amuse myself for 45 minutes to an hour before sleep.

Last night before this, I had been watching at the baseball game. Tune in for an inning, switch to something else, etc. Along about the 5th inning I got hooked. Then, Tampa Bay fell behind by a run with only an inning left to go. I went to the bedroom. I turned the TV on mute, fired up the audiobook and tablet game and quickly turned off the audiobook and abandoned the tablet game... The baseball game had my full attention. Bottom of the 9th, 1 run behind, 1 guy on base, 2 outs, no name last minute insert at the plate.

Well, yep, that no name today has a name. Brett Phillips, with a single and the help of two Dodger fuckups, had what, at age 26, may be the very best day of his life. It really was wild.

So now I'm all in on this stupid World Series. 3 more games to go. Dodger fans must be face down into their bloody marys today. I'm ok with that.


Those shower floor stickers I got to replace the various mats that didn't work because the floor isn't smooth, are working perfectly. They are way better than a mat anyway and, at least in my shower, are invisible. They keep my feet where I want them. Just a great solution. BUT WAIT! There's more!

I have two small remotes that fall out of my hands. One is so slippery that it's hard to use. I had extras of the stickers so I took one and cut it up and stuck it to the back of the remotes. Works like a charm!! And, keeps them from falling off the table. Genius.



One thing this pandemic has done for me is organize my food situation. I've always been so loosey goosey with food. I'd keep plenty in the house and then pop out to the store when I got a whim.

That all equaled way too much money spent on food. A house full of outdated food. A freezer full of stuff I will never eat.

The pop out to the store situation is over. I now shop every two weeks when the house cleaner comes. My grocery bill is a now a little less than half of what I used to spend. I finally went through all the pantry food and tossed out the stuff from the 90's.

I took a hard look at the freezer situation yesterday. There is food in there that I will never eat. And more that I will eat 'some day'. Very little that's in there belongs in there. So today starts OPERATION FREEZER.

I'm going to take every single thing out. I'm going to toss out a lot. That spaghetti sauce that isn't even as good as jar stuff has been in there for years. Then there will be one space for legit stuff (frozen french fries, bread - stuff I eat a lot of and rotates often). Then there will be a space for November stuff. I will eat it by the end of November or I will toss it. The only exception will be for stuff I can pull directly from the freezer and eat in an hour or less - Stouffers meals, Trader Joe's Orange chicken...

After that, no long term storage. No lostinthefreezer. This starts today.

And then TV watching and crochet and reading and stuff. Biggie's food tower is out of kibble so that's going to happen first.

Blow the tree down

I'm starting to get twitchy about people who don't wear masks.. in my dreams! Last night Michele Dockery kept talking to me with no mask on. Selfish bitch. I've seen the people she hangs out with, no telling what she could pass on to me. Geesh.

But, also, in real life, people need to learn to talk while keeping their masks in place. TV news interviewers seem to have gotten the hang of it but interviewees can't seem to go two sentences without revealing their nostrils. It's not like this mask wearing thing started yesterday. People, get your shit together!

We are having wind gusts here today and my tree is weaving like a drunk. The last windstorm we had, a couple of weeks ago tore a large limb off the tree across the street. They are both london planes which are urban sycamores that are bred for city life. They aren't beautiful. They are fair indescribable. But, that limb gives me hope. The tree was planted after I moved in. For the first 10 years or so I had an unobstructed view 12 months out of every year. When it got to his level, my then neighbor one floor below me cut off a huge chunk and very nearly got arrested for it. (Plants and animals, here in Seattle, are valued greater than people.) In the last 20 years, my view for 6 months is completely obstructed. It's a little better once the damn leaves fall off but not great. I just wish it would fall right over. But, it won't.

Goodness, I'm a complainer this morning! That's gotta stop. Now.

Ok. No big plans for today. TV and crochet. The usual. This is my grocery store week - Wednesday - so I need to start working on my list. So far it's too short to even bother with. I keep saying I need to eat my way to an empty freezer and I keep not doing that. I need to change my ways.

But, first, I need to make my bed and take a shower and get this day going before it gets gone on its own!

Just stuff

Besides collecting and presenting a shitload of numbers that I really don't need or want (but still obsess over), my Fitbit also tells me handy stuff. I can hear when my phone gets an email or a text but often it's across the room or my hands are busy. I can look at my watch and see who it's from and often even enough of the text to get the gist - at least enough to know whether or not it needs my immediate attention. It's so damn handy.

But yesterday, it quit sending me those notifications. I finally decided to track down the cause and about two screens into 'settings' Fitbit announces my phone must be rebooted before I can get any more notifications. WELL, why in the hell didn't you mention that before??

All fixed now.

It has gotten downright chilly in the past couple of days. It's 65 degrees (18c) in here right now. I'm enjoying that afghan I made - up close and personally!

One of our TV networks is airing a Canadian TV show called Transplant. It's a doctor/hospital show that's pretty good and mostly you do not notice it's no American except for two major things... 1. when the report a patient's fever, they do it in celsius. It's really hard for this dumb American to know whether this dude is dying or not. I keep trying to learn the celsius scale and I keep failing. 2. there are no plot lines around the patient's lack of insurance or ability to pay.

I made 8 breakfast burritos. Cleaned up the kitchen AND remembered to put tortillas on the shopping list.

I do feel badly for all of the kind, thoughtful, funny and good women named Karen. And I'm grateful that mocking the name Susan would be classified as elder abuse. It's at least one name that has not cycled back into popularity in the last 70 years.

My threesome

At some point last night, I rolled over onto my back but my pj's were bunched up and stabbing me and I couldn't get them straight. I got up to pee and when I got back I saw that it was not my pj's. Biggie had decided that we needed Stickie in the bed with us.

He ignored Stickie for months but now they are all BFF's again. And it's kind of driving me nuts. I do not love sharing my bed with my cat's toy.

I got an email from Costco this morning. They are selling COVID test kits. $150.

Amazon has a new order cancel/message bot third party sales and it's weird. Plus they have a new return tracking system. My easy, nearby drop off point is now clearly closed. Poop. Oh well. Changes.

I'm reading The Secret Life of Groceries. It's a little dense but kind of interesting. I checked out the Kindle version from the library so at least I can skip around easily. The audio book I started last night is not going to work out so there will be Yet Another Hunt today. The new Jack Reacher comes out this weekend. I preordered it before I closed my Audible account so at least I don't have to wait in the library line to find out what he's been up to.

I think I'll make up some breakfast burritos today. Also today the new episode of Bake Off drops on Netflix. The world series continues tonight but, I'm still not locked in.

Biggie has gone into the bedroom for his morning nap. He left Stickie out here with me. I'm seriously considering hiding it.

My new mocha

I just dumped one of the Nestle's hot chocolate packets into my second cup of coffee. Ok. That works just fine, thankyouverymuch! That's the kind of discovery I would usually make at the very end of cold weather. My timing is getting better in my old age. Finally.

And speaking of timing... A month or so ago, I got a PopupPetdoor for Biggie so that I could close the door to the terrace when it got cold but still give him access. He uses it about 4876 times a day. In and out and in and out. It works great and still gives me ample room to get through the door.

But what am I going to do next Summer when I need to vent the air conditioner out the same space? This is not at all something I need to worry about any time soon but I keep worrying about it anyway. I think maybe I might cut a hole in the pop up door in the section over Biggie's flap door and just stick the hose through it. Maybe. I need to stop obsessing over this.

In the past few years, I have grown more fond of thriller type mystery books. I particularly like the Jack Reachers of the world. Lone guy, few to no ties to other humans, out getting into messes and getting out of them. Or detectives detecting. I'm not a fan of my protagonists having loving relationships or families. But my major pet peeve is when an author uses a child as a plot device. Then they turn their characters into super heros to save the child. It's a cliche older than I am by far and it's lame and cheap and tiresome.

I'm now 7 hours into a 12 hour book that I was not particularly loving but that still had some promise when, this morning, while I was on the treadmill, the bad guy threatened the child of one of the protagonists. Nope. Done. It's a new to me author that I really wanted to like because he already has lots of books published. But, no. We're done. Brett Battles. Buh bye. Also Scott Brick, as a narrator, manufactures drama. I need to quit selecting books read by him.

Fortunately, I have the next book checked out and downloaded and ready.

Nothing hot on the docket today (ooops... watching too much Law and Order). Just the usual which is fine.

Order! Order!

First I reorganized my clothes in the closet that now has light. I found a shitload of shirts that had gotten lost in the dark. I do not need to make more.

Then yarn. There's a really nice, inexpensive yarn made in England that I've fallen for mainly because it's the perfect weight, it feels lovely to wear and to work with and it comes in a biscillion colors. So, now, mostly, that's the only yarn I use. There are patterns galore and color groupings all over the internet.

I rarely knit or crochet anything major using only one color. I like to use them all!

This morning all of mine was on the shelves in random order and I had no idea what colors I had or how many. That is no longer true.

First I made a Google doc of all the colors - names, numbers and color swatches. In the order of the shade card.

Then I went to the shelves and arranged all of my skeins in that order and made a note of what I had. This is a clear sign that I have way too much time on my hands BUT it does make me feel or so under control. It's a lovely feeling.


When we were little Mom made weird snacks. One of the weirdest was sauted Kix. Yes, the cereal. Melt butter in a pan, pour in the cereal. Stir until golden brown. Salt and eat. Hot or cold. I'm not a fan of Kix. too sweet. But cheerios? Sauted? DELISH! I have one giant pan I use and I generally make a bunch at a time. I have not had any for a while. I think it's time. I have butter. I have cheerios. I'm going to saute. Now.


I bought my treadmill after I saw it in one of xina_g photographs of her house. Costco put it on sale and I grabbed it. It was August 2019 when my pool closed for a month of maintenance. Once the pool reopened, I pretty much let the treadmill collect dust until Covid. Even then I walked outside for a while until that got kind of dicey. Then I put the treadmill to daily use.

This morning xina_g wrote about calibrating hers and when I asked about that, she said she also does monthly lubrication. OOOOOOhhhhh dear. I've done nothing but walk on mine. No care and feeding at all. Amazon to the rescue. Care and feeding starts as soon as the goods are delivered tomorrow. Whew!

Yesterday's Amazon delivery was lighting for my closets. As much as some people long for the good old days, I cherish the today when LED's in strips can line my both closets for $15 total and I can finally see what's in there after 30 fucking years of pokign around in the dark. Hallelujah!

One closet has clothes and the other closet has life detritus. Misc storage, medicine cabinet stuff, box of swimming stuff, miniature building supplies, and all manner of other stuff.

I think today I'll tackle the clothes side. It needs some reorg and refolding. And it will be a joy to do now that I can see the stuff.

That's about it for plans. The rest will happen as it happens. I know this from experience.

I pick Seattle

I have three weather strips on my phone now - Seattle, Georgetown, Tx (where my brother is) and DesMoines, Ia (where my nephew is). I can see the forecasts at a glance. Texas is still too hot. Iowa is colder than here every day except one when it's in the 70's.

Gimme Seattle. All week, highs 50 or 51. Nice and consistent. You know what to wear. Invigorating weather with a better than even chance of wonderful burrowed in sleeping. Sure snow would be great but a high of 75 one day and a high of 40 the day before and the day after? Nope.

Really besides the general politics, the mores, and the culture, the weather is the best thing about Seattle.

Today's big project might be closets. I've ordered some lighting which should arrive today. If it gets here in time, I'll install it and then find my winter shirts!

OR...(maybe and/or) I'll start on the project daphnep injected into my brain this morning when she asked me a simple question. Her question, about the jacket/sweater I finished yesterday, let me to think, hmmmmmm wonder if I can get the same result by knitting instead of crochet? I'll bet I can! I actually did find one version of a pattern that comes close but really complicates it needlessly (at least for me).

So, today's puzzle will be to figure out a good knitted hexagon that can be grown to any size. I'm on it.

And the world series starts today. I have not yet decided if I'm into it or not. I'm on the fence and it's giving me a wedgie. The first game is at 5 today. Guess we'll find out then.

Busy day. Better get to it.

I finished another thing! go me!

Actually, this was a rare purposeful project. I needed an oversized cardigan of some weight that I could easily slip on and off as needed. And that's exactly what I got!


It started out as two of these. Simple hexagons.


Each when folded, created a front, half a back and a sleeve.


You just keep keepin' on until everything is the length you want. I did taper the sleeves a bit just because. And added the pockets.

I am totally making this again but next time in a much smaller yarn. This fat cotton yarn is lively and fun to look at but I hate working with heavy yarn like this and cotton just does not have enough give (stretch) to work comfortably. But, I do love this new piece. A lot.