Finally... I got it right

I saw on instagram that Salumi was open. So my Support Your Local Businesses effort got tweaked again. But this time it was perfect. They recently moved from not terribly far away to their currently must more convenient location. They are always packed at lunch. Lines out the door so not very inviting. Today, no line! So I gleefully walked in and was greeted by 3 people with:

Them: "WELCOME!!"
Me: "Thanks and thanks for being open!"
Them: "Well, your coming in tells us the effort was worth it!"

It was a love fest. I got a sandwich and a cookie ad friendly conversation. I had half the sandwich (it was gynormous) and the other half will be perfect for dinner.

I finished the latest tiny thing and I love it.


I have my tiny 'make kit' now finally organized and perfected. Everything in one tray plus the cutting mat. It fits nicely in the closet and out of sight when not in use. It makes the doing so much more satisfying when it's tidy and I can put it all away so easily.

It's snowing again now. But the temperature is 34 so probably some rain in there, too.

Tonight there is a home owners board meeting and I think I'll go. The one in January was the big annual meeting so this one is really the first one of the year. I quit going because they pissed me off so much and because tonight's meeting will likely do the same it will also likely be my last of the year.

This association is fine financially and that's the really big thing but there are so many smaller, cheaper, easier things they should do and don't. And there are so many stupid things they do. And unless I want to get involved (which I do NOT), it's not very kosher of me to bitch out loud to them. So I just bitch here. I think they are are going to change presidents this year. I hope anyway. That's mainly what I want to go and find out.

THE best text reply ever

My friend, Frank, was set to go to the Virgin Islands on Friday. The snow kept him here until Sunday. He was fine with it because he's a snow lover. But Sunday night we got about twice as much snow as predicted. At 7:30 pm he was still a question mark.

I wondered wondered wondered. He's not a morning person and if he didn't make it out, he would really not me a morning person this morning. So I didn't want to bother him by asking and, possibly, adding insult to injury.

I held out til 9:45. And sent 'did you get out'.

This was the response.

new day... new storm

The next snow isn't scheduled for another 2 hours.

I wonder if the weather nerds in the northwest aren't just going to implode on themselves before this all plays out.

There appears to be a break towards the end of the week but then another snow storm coming behind that.

The traffic maps this morning show total green (free flowing) with lots of red dots (accidents). A semi of chickens toppled over on I5 and we had a definite free range situation according to Twitter. "Nasty travel around here for the next 24/36 hours and then some for the side roads."

Ok then.

I think I'll go take a shower and then maybe finish up the tiny and then make a bear. Or maybe go over to Uwajimaya. Oh and I need to clean up the kitchen. I'm not feeling very organized today.

early this time

They said it would start snowing at 4 but they were wrong... It's 3:45 and it's starting up. This time with wind so it's snowing right to left and left to right and all over.

All the area schools are now closed tomorrow. Parents must be going nuts.

Things here are fine. I'm coming to the end of my latest tiny project. I'll be able to finish it up and put everything away tomorrow. Next one arrives on Thursday so there will be bear making going on here instead of glueing for a while.

Seriously, this snow is going nuts. Totally sideways. And it's snowing all over the indoor/outdoor carpet on my terrace.

I am sorry I can't get to the pool but I am so grateful that I have no where I have to be, no one I have to do anything for, no plans to cancel. It's wonderful just to be able to enjoy the snow.

Oh goodie! One of the people upstairs just sent an email with interest in my loveseat. They are on their way down to check it out. I so hope they want it and take it away.

SWEET! They did! She has a little photography studio and it will be perfect for that. I did some room rearranging and it is all now just excellent. That's a nice bit of doing there.

Time now to watch Friday's Jeopardy before I get off my ass to make dinner.

lazy ass

Not swimming is occupying too big a chunk of my brain. I'm not sure why I can't get comfortable with the notion that there might not be swimming again for a week or so. Here's the forecast for the next 10 days.

I love the snow. I love seeing snow in the forecast. And, if the past week or so is any indication, the forecasters have cracked the code and now know when snow is coming for sure. So... maybe I can get out on Thursday? That would mean missing less than a week of swimming days. I know from experience that I will not lose my swimming mojo in a week. I don't know why I'm so stressed about this.

I even stopped at the hotel that houses 13 Coins to ask if they had any kind of membership for their pool. Nope. Also spent some time looking at public transportation. It's possible. It's not practical.

This morning I tried, again, for breakfast at 13 Coins. They had way more staff but the service sucked. The food was good but, I can make good food here. I'm done trying at least until after snow. I'll cook my own food. I know for sure my service rocks.

On the up side, I think I cracked the what to do with the blanket I am crocheting situation. I need to get rid of the little loveseat first. I made a FREE Come And Get It flyer and put it on the bulletin board downstairs. If no takers, then I may do the Next Door app. Sadly the Salvation Army has no trucks coming this way in the foreseeable future. That's how I got rid of my last couch. Worst case, I'll pay a Task Rabbit or a Dolly guy $50 to haul it away. Once it's gone, I have a couple of ideas that will cost me nothing or very little. Since I haven't even finished the blanket, I've got time to noodle.

The rest of today is going to be the usual. Plus waiting for the next snow! But, it looks like it probably won't start until 4 so not a lot of daylight snow watching this time. S'ok.

Good intentions

So, off to the pho place with my insulated lunch bag to pick up something for dinner. It's a lot colder now than it was and I forgot my hat or scarf so brrrrr. And then, got there, and they were closed. Yep.

I came home and checked their instagram that said they were open to see they had edited it to say they were open til 4.

Oh well. Supporting the neighborhood and local businesses is not as easy as some might think. But I tried.

I also finished off another tiny piece from my latest kit. I actually don't have that much left to do. Maybe a day's worth or two. The other is too big and this is too small. I have a Goldilocks of tiny situation going on.


For an idea of what goes into making some of these, here are the instructions for that glass bottle and the little pot and the book. Some things you cut out of paper, and some you bend wire, and some you wrap stuff. It's really kind of interesting how they chose to have you build various items.


But, I have, at least, finally figured out the very best glue to use. Aleene's 33147 Quick Dry Tacky Always Ready. The standing on its head thing is very excellent. It cleans up with water. It's way better/easier on my fingers. It dries really fast and holds with just a dab. Aleene's makes a bunch of different kinds so I originally got the variety pack. All are good but this is best and the applicator pushes over the finish line.

Terri Gordon gave me some tiny tweezers and small scissors that are just perfect. I have some larger tweezers and a smallish roach clip that I use as well. Plus scads of toothpicks and a couple of sizes of binder clips. That's really my base toolkit.

My secondary kit has wire clippers, needle nose pliers, scotch tape and an emery board.

I just realized this would be better in a list.

  • Aleene's 33147 Quick Dry Tacky Always Ready
  • tiny tweezers
  • larger tweezers
  • tiny scissors
  • small roach clip
  • toothpicks
  • binder clips (small and medium sized)
  • wire clippers*
  • needle nose pliers*scotch tape*
  • emery board*

*not critical but handy

Ok, time for some dinner. I think maybe tonight is a good night for Breakfast For Dinner. I'm on it.

Crunch crunch crunch

I love the sound of walking through good snow. There is nothing like it.

As I was waiting for 11:30 when the brunch place opened, I got a surprise text from ljtourist who had read about my morning adventures and asked if he could join me. He was supposed to be in the Bahamas but his flight got snowed.

The restaurant is a small little place that is lovely and comfortable and cute. Outside was a cafe table and two chairs with a big snowman in one and a little snowman in the other. They had carrot noses and olive eyes and were just adorable.

We walked in and the guy greeted us with "Hi Susan! Welcome!" How can you not love that. The whole experience was just perfect except... the food. I really don't love everything on their menu. I had wanted to try their brunch. I had asked in Instagram if they were open for brunch and he had said yes. They were open but there was nothing brunchy available to eat. Frank liked his fried chicken sandwich but it is too spicy for me. The bloody mary was too spicy, too. The meatballs in my meatball soup were suburb but the soup itself as working hard to get to meh.

But, hey, we supported local biz and the 'hood and our efforts were appreciated.

When I got home, I discovered that the pho place up the street was also open. It would have been a much better choice and, in fact, I think I'll go up there in a bit and get some dinner to bring home.

A couple of years ago, we started having jigsaw puzzles in the lobby of our building. They are fun to share and particularly nice when you are stuck down there waiting. I saw there was a new one but didn't pay much attention to it until today. I went down to be there when Frank got here and discovered that this current puzzle is one that someone had made of the front of this building! What fun!


The sun is out now and it's so lovely with the snow. They are saying 1-3 more inches tomorrow night. And then, on Tuesday, we are on track to get a repeat of yesterday/last night. Real snowpocolypse!! I may never get to the pool again. I've decided not to worry about it.

Well, that didn't work out so well

13 Coins was open, the kitchen staff was hard at work. They have a 'wait to be seated' policy so I waited and waited and pretty soon there was a crowd of about a dozen behind me and we waited. One guy went and asked the kitchen staff about a seater and was told to wait. Finally a waiter came by and said we had to wait because he was the only server there.

I declared bankruptcy. If/when I ever got seated, getting food seemed like it wasn't going to happen. No biggie.

I figured I'd come home, get breakfast, and then walk up to the grocery. It was still snowing and not very cold - probably just below freezing - and, most importantly, not windy. So I walked around and took pictures and loved the crunch.

But, then, I hit a block where the snow was deep and, in fact, it started to get into my boots. So home. And happy to be here. I have coffee and there are eggs in the fridge and bread for toast. I'm happy.

Oh and it just stopped snowing. It's so clear and crisp. I can see one major avenue from my living room. Usually it has cars backed up and waiting for the traffic light to move. Today, we got nothin. I haven't seen a car go past in five minutes. Oh, wait there is one single van going very slowly.

And Uwajimaya just changed their minds. All Washington State stores closed today. Ok, then. I have power, and food, and entertainment. I don't need to go anywhere.


I just looked up and saw this. What if the snow is joined by ice and breaks the limbs off the Tree That I Hate?! Oh that would be so nice. Yes, the snow view wouldn't be as nice but the rest of the year would be wonderful.

This is the little hipster bodega (yeah, I get that those words do not go together) in the next block. Wonder if they actually bailed.


Corner near my house. I think this may be my favorite photo of the 'hood every.


Now I think I'll pull out my omelette skills...

[Edit] just saw that a new restaurant down the street 'liked' my snow selfie so I sent them a DM asking if they were open for brunch today. they are opening at 11:30! i'll go support a new local business and get a fun meal. that works for me. maybe i'll have some toast to get me to 11:30.

Good morning!!

Last night the snow turned kind of rainy and the roads and stadium parking lot were wet and snow-free. I was pretty disappointed. But, figured at least I could go swim this morning.

And, then...


Twitter and Instagram are full of stores and restaurants round here reporting that they are closed. Uwajimaya (the grocery store up the hill) reported that while it's closing its two other stores, the one here will be open from 10-6 which is good to know. I'm guessing that 13 Coins is open since they are always open.

So that's where I'm headed. I'm planning on a snow day bloody mary and a delicious brunch. If it's not too cold, I may well add a walk up to the grocery or just around the 'hood.

An update to the updated update

It feels like this snow is going backwards. My terrace faces east and most weather - rain, wind and the last snow - comes from the north to the south if it'snot just straight down. Today is going from the south to the north. Are they doing it wrong?

It's now 1:55 and Google traffic maps + Twitter says everyone is going home RIGHT NOW. The streets are clogged and the busses are full.

I finished the yellow cabinet. And I'm happy with it. The more of these tiny things I do, the smarter I get at doing them so the doing of them is not nearly as frustrating as it was. I'm enjoying this kit most of all.