Sleeping in

Last Thursday, I disabled my Thursday alarm because the pool didn't open til 8. Turns out, I did not re-enable. I woke up this morning at 4:51. LATE!! I actually walked into the gym just at the end of the first wave but I got poked about being late by more than a couple regulars. I told them I had slept in.

As it was, turned out I had the pool entirely to myself for the first 30 minutes. It was weird. It's been so busy lately. My swim was great. One of the fastest I'd ever done. I think I was still rushing from when I shot out of bed. That's two mornings now when the cats did not bug me to get up. This morning they woke up at 3 and scurried around a bit and I went back to sleep. When I did wake up they were both in heavy z's scrunched up next to me.

ahhhh just now I got up to get more coffee and see that they have wiped the front hall credenza of everything and, once again, broken the lamp that sits there. They still are 95% kittens. They are 9 months old as of next Tuesday. They have been here 5 months as of this past Tuesday.

I had planned to take them to the vets today. Biggie needs his leukemia vaccine booster. But, then I remembered the new vet office - the one that is way handier than the one I've been going to - is closed on Thursdays. Oh well. Tomorrow is fine.

Anyway today is dryer inspection day. They come in and look at the dryer vent and make sure it's working properly. The HOA does this every other year. On alternate years they come in and check the fireplace.

Other than that, nothing is on tap for today. Just the normal stuff. Picking up stuff the cats knock over... maybe some laundry.

Ready, set, DISTROY!!!!


The day I actually did stuff. Outside the house. Like a normal person!

I got into the car to go get the check engine light fixed and... the check engine light wasn't on! So I went to Goodwill. Dumped my donations and bought two bags of stuff. Sigh. Then I went on to Amazon to return my stuff. The check engine light came on! Ok. So returned the goods. (I'm so grateful to have an Amazon return spot so close. I got an email that my account had been refunded before I even got home.)

Then on to the Mercedes place. My guy wasn't there. This always makes me twitchy because John's been my guy for the 8 years I've had the car. If/when he's no longer there, it's going to be the pits. Anyway, I was contemplating my next move when this bay guy - the bay is where you pull in when you need service - pops up and asks to help me. I told him my problem and he said he'd find someone in lieu of John for me.

Then he said 'before I do that... why don't I just pull it around and scan it myself and see what happens. it will only take 5 mins.' Bless him. He came back in 5 mins and showed me the results... the old P303 error. I have seen that buffalo before. It supposedly means a cylinder is not firing but... on a 3 cylinder car if 1 was not firing you wouldn't need an error code to tell you. And it's' running fine. He and agreed that the best bet was to just keep and eye on it and not worry. And tell John next time I have the car in.

I was so grateful. Yeah!

So home again I came. Oh and my Echo Auto wouldn't connect and I tried all my usual tricks and nothing. So in between errands I looked up how to factory reset which I did and it came right back online. Note to self, just do that next time - way faster and easier than all that troubleshooting shit.

Now that the leaves are off The Tree That I Hate, I can enjoy my neighbors' Christmas trees and other decorations. One of them put up paper snow flakes on the windows and they look so nice.

The cats demanded lunch when I got back and now, I can see on the web cam that they are in a little kitty pile back in the sewing room.


Today brought to you by Check Engine Light

I spent a good bit of my swim conjuring on how best to spend my time out today while the house cleaner cleans. I decided on Goodwill and then Costco and maybe Daiso to stock up on Stickies.

Then I got in the car and all plans changed. The check engine light was on. Just a couple of weeks ago, I got a new diagnostics reader. I plugged it in and it said there were no codes. So no erasing of codes. So I drove home. I plugged the thing back in and did a few scans - still no codes. Nice.

The internets, for once, are totally in agreement on the cause of a no codes check engine light situation... the code scanner is faulty. The good news is that I can return it to Amazon.

So... new agenda. Stop by the Mercedes place to have them check/clear the code. Then on to Amazon to return the OBD tool. Then onto Goodwill to empty out my car of all the donation stuff. Then, maybe, Costco. Maybe that might get postponed. I only need one thing there...

The pool has 3 lanes. When more than 3 people want to swim, the lanes are shared. You take one side and swim up and back on that side. When 7 people want to swim, you have a situation. It does not happen often but the rules of the road/pool are that you circle swim. All swimmers in one lane just swim in a circle so that more people can swim at one time. For some reason I don't really get, everyone hates circle swimming. I don't mind it one bit. It keeps me on my toes and invariably speeds up my own swim time. The tricky part is that you have two people in the lane so you need to get agreement from the other person when it's hard to even get their attention.

Today I was sharing a lane with Donna. Donna runs. She jogs up and down the lane for an hour at a very good clip. And she's the nicest. All the other lanes were full, a new swimmer came in, I was at the far end and Donna was near the new swimmer. I stopped and caught Donna's attention and did a circle with my hand and pointed tot he new girl. Donna got it immediately cause she's cool and she invites the new girl to our lane where we happily circle swim for the last 20 minutes of my swim.

While I was catching my breath and getting ready to get out, the new girl stopped and said "I've never had anyone open up their lane to me for circle swimming! Thank you! you guys are awesome!!" And then off she went.

I love it when pool people are nice and kind and considerate and appreciative.

One of my egg tries exploded in the microwave this morning so I need to get in there and clear out the big pieces before the house cleaner gets here. I'd rather have her spend her time with the other stuff. Plus I don't want dried egg inside my microwave.

My Fitbit update did not come yesterday. They really only said the rollout will begin yesterday so lordknows what that means in terms of my own watch. I spent a lot of time refreshing yesterday, I think I'm going to try and ignore it today.

Biggie strikes a pose...



On the one hand assumptions can be a great short cut.

But the old ass out of you and me thing really seems to fit more often than not.

Recipes these days assume that I am religiously devoted to eating healthy foods and that 'taste just like...' is good enough for me.


As a corollary, it is assumed by everyone that I want to live as possible and that I am interested in doing everything in my power to ensure that happens.



When my questions do not mention price, do not assume I that price is a big factor for me in this instance.

When my questions do not mention or allude to privacy or security, do not assume that I fear privacy invasion.

I totally get that I'm asking for special snowflake-ism here but it annoys me.

Rant over.

In the early days, Amazon's customer service was fab. If you questioned them, it generally paid off handsomely. There was a time when if you complained about any little thing, they would slap a free month onto your Prime membership. Those days are apparently over. now they cannot (will not?) even answer a simple 'why did this happen?' question. It's ok. I love them anyway. Mostly I'm just amused.

I started reading two books last night - well, listening. Both library books. I listened to The Gifted School by Bruce Holsinger for about 30 minutes before I decided that I really had no interest in finding out what happened next at all. And I disliked all the characters. Then I started listening to Since We Fell by Dennis Lehane and I was hooked from word one. Fascinating to me how very different the two experiences are. I do not know enough about literary criticism to understand why some books are fascinating to me and others are not. I do know that it's not always good writing and not always good plot and sometimes just a big old attack of serendipity.

Today I'm going to leave the house. I have two quick errands and I'm just going to get them done. Also I have so much stuff for Goodwill that it's going to take two trips with my cart full to even get the stuff into the car. I think I'll do the first load in today.

Yesterday I walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes while listening to my book. I had about 5 minutes of book left but I could do no more treadmill so I sat on the bed and then fell backwards and lay there with the cats nuzzling my ears while I finished it. BAD mistake. It turned out to be about 10 minutes and I could not move when the book was done. There's something to be said for cooling down after all!

I think I may have catnip cats. At least Biggie. All of the cats I've ever had were pretty much immune to catnip but... I bought this toy for Biggie and The Smalls.

It's a cat nip toy. Biggie went nuts. The Smalls liked it, too, but Biggie wanted to have its babies. And now, after three days, the lust is still strong.


And this is what the poor thing looks like now...


I also bought them a bag o' pingpong balls. I could only find one of the originals. Soon we'll be awash in a sea of them.


This promises to be a quiet week in lake SDHQ. More quiet even than usual. Really the only thing on the books is that the house cleaner comes on Wednesday.

I have an idea on a new shirt and the fabric to make it but really, I don't need a new shirt at all. I have plenty. So maybe I'll hold off on that.

I have a few little house projects I'd like to get done today. I'm getting low on bread but not really low enough yet, I don't think, to warrant a grocery trip. I'd rather hold on until Wednesday when I have to be out anyway.

The new Stickie is holding up nicely but I do think having a back up is a good plan so there's a trip to Daiso in my future. It's only a few blocks from here.

I'll be finishing up the new John Grisham novel today and have a nice Dennis Lehane downloaded and queued up. Socks to knit. TV to watch. Plenty to keep me entertained.

Heck, I might even get on the treadmill. I have been ignoring it and I need to stop that.

But, as usual, first I need to get dressed.


First you have to crack some eggs

There was no one to open the gym this morning... Finally one of the trainers showed up at 5 after and called a guy who called a guy who then texted the combo to the lock box that had the key ... You had to step over a mound of dirty towels to get to the pool. Clearly they are, once again, having personnel issues.

But, the pool wasn't crowded and the swim was great. So, sorry about your problems but thanks for the swim.

I'm tired of breakfast burritos and egg muffins. So now I'm on a kick of poached eggs and toast. But I want the eggs poached in the microwave. And I'm going through a lot of eggs to get it right. The internet is pretty much in agreement that 1 egg takes a minute. But, I want two eggs cooked at the same time. And, apparently, no one has documented that yet. So... I'm trying - with water, without water, water to cover... tight lid, no lid, lid with steam whole - different bowls, different lids. I am getting close. I am going to give it one more go today. I don't want to spend all my eggs.

The Seahawks game is here tomorrow night. The media is already setting up. It will be the usual madhouse. But, at least this time, it will interfere with my plans to an exactly 0 degree.

Today will be laundry and picking up stuff. The living room is getting kind of junky with stuff the cats have knocked over and the kitchen has a sink of dirty dishes. I also need to do a total behind the furniture search for ping pong balls. The boys are out and I need to offer them distraction. I'm really getting tired of constant Stickie. However, I am the only one. Biggie is still in love.


I started a pair of socks yesterday with some new thoughts on how to make them better. So I'll be working on those and sock knitting. I started a pair last night with some of the yarn I bought yesterday. So... household odds and ends and then sock knitting, actually.

Oh and more turkey dinner reviews. Last night I had a complete rerun of Thanksgiving. This time I baked the mashed potatoes and stuffing. And heated the turkey and beans in the microwave. It was all just amazingly perfectly wonderfully delicious. So. So far. My $60 has made 2 complete dinners, 2 large turkey sandwiches. And I'd say there was at least that much left if not more. So good.

But, the butter turkey is still intact and may be forever. She sits on the top shelf of my fridge and greats me with a smile every time I open the door. I'm not sure I'm ready to give that up. I did take her out for closer inspection. Fine. Just fine.


World Aids Day

Remembering those we have lost, supporting those living with HIV and still, still still working for a cure. May it PLEASE come soon.

This wallet is official closed

Some of it planned. Some of it required. A whole lot of it just frivolous, unplanned. But I'm now shutting down the spending machine.

I shopped small and local this morning at the yarn shop in West Seattle. Turns out the new owner have really changed not much at all. It's still fairly unfriendly and unwelcoming. But, I bought stuff. And now I will not feel guilty for not shopping there much if at all.

Then I came home and had a sandwich and went down to the fabric shop a block from here. They sincerely do appreciate my business. And let me know in many different ways. When I walked in the owner asked me what I was up to today and I told her 'Shopping Small!' I picked up some fabric and a little yarn kit.

I also paid my home owners dues for next year. $7,500. They are up only a small bit from last year and still, per square foot, less than most condos in town. Our board drives me nuts but they do good business management for sure. Now I don't have to worry about it again til this time next year.

So that's it. No more spending. For at least a while. There's nothing I need. Well, maybe a robotic arm to wave Stickie for Biggie. He will NOT let it rest. Now we're playing fetch. He brings it to me and I throw it across the room and he brings it back.


The Smalls is sitting this one out.

Biggie's shaved hair has grown back nicely. Almost back all the way.


Memorial canceled...

I went back to the sewing room closet to pull out the Reserve Stickie. I turned around and Biggie was right there ready and waiting. He hardly let me get the marketing card off of it before he claimed it for his own. That was an hour ago and it has not left his side since. I actually had forgotten that when new, the ball rattles... Stickie hadn't rattled in a long time. The new Stickie is just a symphony of rattle.


And, this makes a dramatic final frame of my One Second A Day Videos of the Cats...

Stickie ... RIP

This happened.


The stick part is in the bedroom.

I'm thinking we should have a proper service. Maybe put up a plaque.

I do have, of course, Stickie clones. I think there's one in the closet that is the exact color even of the original. Maybe now he'll accept one of them. Poor Biggie.

Meanwhile I had the most delicious sleep. I was woken up at 4:30 by the boys. I got up and fed them and then went back to bed. When they finished, they hopped up on the bed and curled up next to me for another wonderful two hours.

Now The Smalls is curled up next to me and Biggie is draped across my arms. I don't ever want to move which is ok because I'm not sure I could anyway.

I do have a few places I want to go today but not for a while, so it's cool.