Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Pro Cat stinating...

I need to get Biggie into the carrier so he can go get his pain shot. I am not looking forward to it.

We had a lovely evening and night. I coaxed him out from under the sofa and we had some snuggles and then he went under the bed. When I was ready to get in it, he came out easily and spent the night with me on top of the bed. It was lovely.

He's now under it again. Meal delivery service ended yesterday. He knows where his food it. It's there now - on the hearth - waiting for him.

I finally sent a note to the designer who helped me with my shower last year asking him about screen installation. He's going to ask the contractor he works with. I might also go to Home Depot and see if I can determine the complexity of installing one myself. Of course the real complexity is getting the fucker home in a smart car.

I'm grateful for cool weather that enables me to keep the door closed comfortably. I do like it open at night and so far the Bird King has not discovered this. But when he does that's going to end without a screen. The tree is still full of leaves and birds. Sigh.

I may to to the vets office that's got Whole Foods on the way and pop in and grab some orange juice. But that's it for plans. Mainly I just want to get Biggie to the vet and home with minimal trauma. Then we don't have to go again until Monday.

It was exactly 1 week ago today that he took his flying leap.

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