Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Mole cat

Dark places. That's where Biggie's been all day. I went into his closet and spent some time rubbing him all over which he really seemed to enjoy. Then I moved him to the bed and did some more. No objection. Then I carried him into the living room and set him down in front of the food. He actually ate some. Not much but some. And then he tottled off.

He sat in the hallway for a few minutes. Then on to the litter box where he did his biz and now he's in the corner of the tiny half bath. In the dark. Again. I now have a mole cat.

He snuggles up to the wall and when he changes positions his thundersticks hit the baseboards and it sound like someone's knocking at the front door. If they knew, my neighbors would be so appreciative of my carpeting!

I have not gotten one single 'fast quote' or 'quote within an hour!' from the three screen places I sent off to this morning. But, Tanya MacDonald sent me down the rabbit hold of magnetic screens. All the Amazon write ups say the screens allow easy access for pets to come and go. So I had abandoned that plan. But, Tanya (and a couple of reviews) said that Biggie would not likely be able to go through. And, honestly, they are cheap enough to try. And about way cubed cheaper than a retractable shade.

There are a million of them so the dive was deep. I finally I settled on one that opens off to the side (as opposed to down the middle). One of the videos showed how you can add velcro tabs to reinforce the magnets in spots so what the heckster. It should be here tomorrow.

I made cookies - oatmeal with a few chocolate chips in them. I cooked a few and rolled the rest for the fridge.

I've now had a week in my fancy dancy leather recliner and I honestly like it more every day. It's big enough and small enough and easy enough to operate and comfortable. No buyer's remorse here at all.

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