Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

And now we have The War of The Recliner

The movie ended (Starling on Netflix - not bad) and I had to pee so I put Biggie on the floor. He cried. I took him over to the food dish. He rejected the food. And cried some more. I went to pee and he immediately, not even waiting a second, turned and hopped back into the chair.

I took the food dish and put it under his nose and he ate so I let him eat a little and then put it back on the floor thinking he would follow. NFW. He's not moving out of the recliner ever again in his whole life. My recliner!

He's not allowed to have any food after midnight in case they need to sedate him tomorrow so he's going to be one hungry tiger if he doesn't come down off his throne and dine. But, whatever.

For now, I guess, we share.

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