Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


The Mariners are the only team in Major League Baseball who have never ever, not one single time, ever played in a World Series. Kids born the year they last played in even a playoff game, will graduate from high school this year.

By this time in the season, it's crystal clear that, once again, this year we have NoChanceInHell of playing past the regular season.

But this year we aren't there yet. And with every win, a teeny little bit of hope springs to life. The broadcasters carry the flag the loudest but everyone else is thinking it, too. What if. It's kind of fun. We've just won two games off a very excellent team. Of course, before that we lost two off a very horrible team. It's day to day but most very fun days.

Today's game is at 10 am. My housecleaner is coming which means I won't be home. I have a few, non-critical errands to run. I might do some and I might just find a shady spot somewhere with a breeze and listen to the game. Or put in my earbuds and walk around Costco. I should pick the latter since I cheated on the treadmill this morning. I only went 15 mins. Just because.

On the up side, I have won the 2021 insurance vs. inhaler battle!! My prescription is for 2 puffs a day from the expensive inhaler. But, the medicare drug coverage is such that once I hit $4K, that $50 inhaler starts costing me $450. 2 puffs a day gets me to $4k about May. Which means $450 a month until January. So. In January, I started 1 puff a day for most days. If I was really feeling it or needed extra (like when my brother was here) I did the full dose but otherwise, I stayed on my inhaler diet. And, now, I have enough in the larder to take me to January even if I did 2 puffs a day!! And I have about $400 til I hit $4k for other drugs or drug emergencies. Whew.

Breathing can be expensive!

Time now to shower and get dressed and ready to hit the road.

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