Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Today I needed my little jewelry wire cutters and I not only knew right where they were but they were easy to access in a drawer that is only 20% full. The perks of purging. As I have with all the other rooms, I have wandered back to the sewing room just to open a drawer or open the armoire and admire my work. Talk about sparking joy!!

But, sometimes, no joy. I cannot find Biggie's papers. I had all of the papers origin, adoption, medical for Biggie and The Smalls, in a folder and that folder is no where to be found. I'm afraid that it got accidentally purged. Not a big deal, really. More of a nice to have than a something I really need. The only other vet that Biggie has been to besides his current one is the one at the emergency surgery. And they sent his records to his vet so they are all there. And that's all that matters. But, still. My system isn't perfect.

My internet started going in and out this afternoon. About a dozen times. It was out for as long as 5 minutes and as short as 1. Finally I went to Twitter and DM's the provider who checked and saw that my modem did not have service. She rebooted it on her end. No joy. She concluded that I had no internet. And scheduled a service call. For Thursday. BTW, this is Monday. She expects me to go without internet for four days? The drugs must be crazy good at that company.

Anyway, about the time she had everything settled, the internet came back solid and has been solid ever since. There's something hinky with my modem. There are usually four or five lights lit up and there are only two. BUT... I got internet and it's a fine speed. I'm going to keep an eye on it for a couple of days. I have a little utility that logs network outages so I'll just let it keep the data. If it takes four fucking days for them to get someone out here, I'm in no hurry to call off their dogs.

The Mariner game is going way better than I anticipated so I need to get back to it.

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