Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

New Rule

From this moment on. Nothing in the Stuff To Hold Stuff category will be saved in this house unless it has a lid. Nothing.





(See the prob with this closet? I can barely get to half the shelves. Note the stuff way in the back? It will live there forever because I cannot get to it. So, since I can't get to it, I have declared that part of the closet Dead to Me. I will not use it. I will only use the part I can get to and see. )




Also new rule. No obstructive stacking. I am allowed to put stuff on top of drawers but, if there is anything I have to remove the lid to get to, will NOT ever have anything put on top of it.

I am not doing this again. My back is killing me. And, I'm not done. But I'm starving and the closet light ran out of battery so needs recharging.

I still have to make at least two trips down to the dumpster. Put the card table back in the hall closet. I have to corral all the remaining vessels and move them outside to the terrace storage. Once I am sure I will not need them for that project, they will get tossed.

But I am already feeling excellent about this.

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