Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

If it's Tuesday...

Today's the day the governor will likely roll us back. Vaccinations are available everywhere now. I think if you stuck your arm out the window, somebody would come by and jab it. The Mariners how offer them at three locations within the ballpark at all games. The Sounders do the same. Twitter is full of 'open slots, no waiting' ...

[EDIT - no rollback. Everything is status quo for two weeks and then they will decide what to do next.]

And, our case numbers rise every day. This county:

At least people are still wearing masks. It is rare, and shocking, these days to be out and about and see naked faces.

I'm watching a documentary - Lucy the Human Chimp - on HBO max while I treadmill this week. It's a true story that starts in the 60's with people my age and chimpanzees. It's so familiar in so many ways. The ways we thought, the things we took fore granted, the liberties we had and took. It is, of course, about a world of privileged white people who loved animals but not in the way that people do today. It's fascinating to me.

I think the pandemic has muted Mother's Day. Not having a mother or children, it's always been annoying to get through all the Mother's Day hype. This year, it has not bothered me one bit. Maybe I've matured :)

I'm going to have to manufacture an outing today. Nothing on the list. Maybe I'll just walk around the block.

Now I'm going to pop into the shower. The governor is going to make his announcement in 15 mins and I want to be clean for it. Ha.

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