Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Birthday Answers

(For my birthday, I asked for Ask Me Anything Questions. I got so many wonderful ones. I'm answering them in entries from here until I get to the end. If you think of something you want to ask, just leave a comment or a note. Deadline is totally not a thing.)


You have unlimited funds and can travel anywhere in a world free of COVID: where would you go? Or would you go at all?

My first answer is probably I would go nowhere at all. When I worked for IBM, I traveled quite a bit for work and play. I loved it and got to go to some great places and see amazing things. And it was grand. But, all of that was before 9/11. Travel was still easy with fun perks. There was even room for your knees. To me, now, traveling is a major PIA and just not worth the hassle. I guess I kind of got it all out of my system.

But, you said I have unlimited funds. If that's the case, and I could charter my own plane, now, that changes things a bunch. In that case, I'd go to Alaska and Hawaii and then, maybe, Boston and Des Moines (nephews), picking up my brother, along the way. Then if traveling out of the country in a private plane was as easy... Austria, The Netherlands and maybe Korea.

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