Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Only a little embarrassed

So. Mission accomplished. I have now reswizzled my closet hardware. There is a giant hole where the hanging bar and hangees will go. There are two shelves above that and one will be emptied when the hanging bar is operational. A fucking 60" x 14" empty shelf! OMG this is such glory.

The rolling cart is, once again, filled with Goodwill stuff. (But not the two shelves I removed. At timbear's excellent suggestion, those two shelves now sit on top of the two remaining shelves - one each. Ready for reservice whenever.)

I did find a little stack of black knit pants. Yeah! I will absolutely wear those. Tags still on. Then I dug the suitcase out from the black hole of the closet... it was FULL of black knit pants!

17 fucking pair of pants - most never worn once. At least I'm a hoarder with a mission.

Nordic Track used to make these great knit pants. They looked nice. They had roomy pockets. They had a nice wasteband. And were out of a quality knit fabric. Sears sold them (this will give you a bit of a timeline). Periodically, Sears would have them on sale. For $7/8 dollars (regularly $20). I'd buy every pair in my size. And stash them in the back of the closet.

Apparently 17 of these never saw the light of day again. hehehehehehehe

I'm still the same size. I still wear black knit pants every day. So, heck, I am only embarrassed that I did not know they were there. I'm delighted at my windfall.

Now, everything is in its place - nice and tidy. I'm quite pleased with myself.

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