Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Big Day

I'm leaving the house to avoid the house cleaner in one hour. I have zero plans.I guess I'll start at Goodwill and go from there. I hope she's speedy today.

I ran Robby the vac this morning and told it to do the whole house. It did the living room and kitchen decided it was done. Oh well. Those are actually the two rooms that needed it most. There's always tomorrow.

The new Google hub is looking for a return trip to the Google Store. Especially compared to Alexa, it is enormously frustrating to get it to do what I want. It's very happy doing what it wants. It has this fancy sleep tracking. I also have fancy sleep tracking with my Fitbit. We had the battle of the sleep last night. I felt like I did not sleep that well. Both Google and Fitbit (now owned by Google) disagreed to varying degrees. They said I slept pretty darned good. The really funny bit is that it so does not matter. If I don't sleep well one night, I'll do better the next one and what in the world do I need to be all alert and rested about anyway?

The game starts at 1 but the gates open at 11. (They made a big deal about opening early to allow for more social distancing. The gates have always opened two hours before a game - no dif.) I usually went right at the opening because my tickets included a pre-game buffet but today I think I'll mosey on down there about noon-ish.

Guess I'll pop into the shower now and get ready to start the day.

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