Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The ice maker die-eth?

My nugget ice maker is making a really not good sound this morning. It would not be easy to get repaired and it would be very expensive to replace. I'd rather it not die. Really. It's a great ice maker and I love nugget ice but the customer service is the worst on the planet. Sigh.

Yesterday I ordered the new Google Home Hub from the Google store. UPS says it will be here today. My how far we've come. I've often ordered from the Google store and have always always been so frustrated by them. They take forever to ship and use the slowest, worst shipping available. (I only order from them when I can't get whatever it is on Amazon.) I don't expect them to be Amazon but I really don't expect them to be Sears. I was once contacted by them for an in depth interview about how I felt about ordering from them. They paid me $50 for a 30 minute interview during which I got to unload all of my frustrations. It was cathartic but didn't help. Until now! This is Amazon or better level. Nice. The new toy will be here around lunch time.

And that's about it for the thrills and chills planned for today. Nothing that has to be done and no where I have to be. Oh, I do need to figure out what to wear/take to the baseball game tomorrow. No bags allowed. The forecast cast calls for cold and rainy (stadium has roof but it's like an umbrella, it only covers, it does not make a room so even with the roof extended, it can get chilly). Tomorrow will be a full day so today, I'll just get ready.

And otherwise just be.

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