Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

A Miracle

The other day, I thought, I need to dig out those little binoculars and remember to take them to the game. I'll be about 4 times farther back from the action that usual and will need them. I kept forgetting to look. Or remembering at bad times. Like this morning on my way out the door. So I said "Alexa, remind me at 2 pm to look for the binoculars."

So just now, she reminded me (oddly, not by voice but with a notification on the phone which is fine. odd but fine). So I got off my ass to look. I last had them in September of 2019 - the last time I went to a game. I have one multi-shelf/drawer cupboard where I keep visual shit - readers, glasses screwdrivers, cleaning solution... stuff like that. It's the logical place to put it but I tried it with much doubt.

And damn if I didn't find them in the second drawer I checked. I'm very impressed with me.

No so impressed with my back. I think I broke it yesterday when I spent about 4 hours without moving playing with that crochet spreadsheet. It's a hurtin'.

Walking to the grocery and back was not at all easy - my back hurt and one knee was trying to play trick knee. They both just need more walking to the store.

Robby's drunken evening was/is taking a difficult recovery. I tried to let it fix itself but nogo. So... reset... again. It doesn't have enough juice to map the house in one go so now it's charging again so it can finish. Fingers crossed.

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