Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Robby got drunk

My robot vac lost its mind this morning. It hit a patch of cables that I'd neglected to block off and I thought it was ok once I untangled it but, no, apparently not. It kept vacuuming but the map went nuts. Finally, I stopped it and told it to go back to the charger. Poor thing, it couldn't find the charger. So I picked it up and took it home and tucked it in. Then, oddly, the map on the app snapped back to correct. I'm going to let it rejuice and then send it out again on a run more for its self esteem than for actually sucking shit up.

I've had maybe 50/50 experiences with Etsy. When good they have been good but when bad, they have been oh so very annoyingly bad. Mostly, the indie folks (as opposed to the clearly corporate vendors on there now), I've found, are generally not business people. When they can't do what they promise, you get this long email about their dead cat or emotional downturn. But, I keep going back because cat beds made out of old computer monitors...

A few months ago, I ordered a Mariners face mask from this woman who happened to live not far from here. Tiny shop - 100 orders. I got the mask immediately and it was FABULOUS. The best fit of all and very high quality. I ordered more and got a note from her last night with photos of three masks saying she'd like to gift me a mask and would I pick one, please. What a very nice thing.

All of a sudden I have way too many yarn projects going. All blankets. As we get into warm weather. There is no rhyme or reason. Well, that's not true. One is because I like the pattern. One is because there's spreadsheet and I found the hex colors of my yarn to fill it in. And one is because it's knitting and the others are crochet. Idle hands and all that.

But before I can get to any of that, I'm off this morning to Uwajimaya (the Japanese grocery and also the grocery nearest to me). I need produce and, of course, eggs. They will be very busy but since I won't need a parking space, no problem. Also I will be limited to what I can carry and so won't get carried away and buy too much. Plus. walking. I need to do the walking. So that's the plan. Once I get showered and dressed. Plus, since I will have both treadmilled and walked IRL, I can take the rest of the day off!

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