Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

chlorine crust

Swimming was wonderful. I did 1,700 yards and it felt so good. My arms are tired and my lungs are telling that they are not up for more than once a week but I think once a week will work.

After my swim, I ordered up from Ezell's chicken across the street.I got home to my clean house and chowed down. Biggie no longer meets me at the door when I come home. He's too cool. Today, I was finished eating and no sign of him. I checked his usual haunts and nothing. Finally he came out of the sewing room which is where I was going to look next.

MLB TV has the video broadcast of today's Mariner game. It's wonderful to see it but these announcers are underwhelming. Spring training broadcasts are also peppered with live interviews of all kinds of people and the quality is horrible. They were just talking to one of the Mariners and the static was so bad it hurt. My list of things that COVID has made better does not include broadcast quality - news people who talk through masks, really bad zoom and skype and baseball... ugh.

Speaking of masks, I saw two things when I was out today... One group of about 10 young men - boys really - in a group in the parking lot of a strip mall - gang meeting or drug buy or both but every single one of those dudes was wearing a mask. Then waiting for the pool to open, a kid skateboarded right by me, into the parking lot just under the NO SKATEBOARDING sign but, by dern, he was wearing a mask! This is not Texas.

I have not showered yet. My hair is wired straight out of my head and my skin feels like it's dry and crinkly. So I think I'm going to take of that right now.

Pretties near the pool building.


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