Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Cat Puzzles

Last weekend Biggie was bugging me to entertain him and I got spendy and ended up buying him two puzzles from Chewy which arrived today.

He had this one completely emptied in no time. I could have put the treats on a plate and he would have been as challenged.


Plus it's big. I don't mind returning stuff one bit to Amazon but feel guilty sending stuff back to Chewy. Why is that? Well, I just checked and it appears that they are not big on returns. Oh well, some Goodwill cat will love this.

The second puzzle is an entirely different story. It is smaller and prettier and way more of a challenge.


The treats go into the indentations (you can see one he found there) and then you either push the red cap over the top OR the leaf over it and then the red cap next to the leaf. In the latter, he has to figure out to move the red cap to get to where the leaf will move so he can have the treat.

This one stumped him and there is still one treat in there he didn't find yet. I suspect he's also probably treated out at this point.

This one is a keeper.

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