Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

What a day!

I got to the pool in plenty of time and they let us in early which was nice. I really like COVID swimming. My technique was way better this time. I did a mile and it was fab. I shared a lane with an old guy who only lasted about 20 minutes. That's the beauty of the lanes marked 'easy'. Those people got no stamina and so I get the lane to my self for most of the swim. It really was a glorious swim. My arms are only a little sore - not nearly as bad as last time.

Next swim is 9:30 Saturday morning. I think my lungs might be ok with this pool as long as I keep it to two swims a week. I'm hoping anyway.

When I got back to the car, I called Costco. Yep. They had the prescription and they had the stuff in inventory - about 30 mins til it was ready. Ok. I headed out. When I got there, I got gas. Then I headed in for the pharmacy. Not ready yet. So on to the steaks. Nope. It was not easy to find someone to check inventory. Bad news. No steak. Good news. VERY POPULAR Item. Will be back next week. Yeah!

Picked up the prescription - antibiotics. Ugh. So then I picked up a probiotic. And headed for the pizza. I ordered a whole pizza and waited for freakin' ever. That place was packed to the gills. Senior hour is sooo much better. While I was standing there way less than 6 feet from the other people waiting (not their fault) I all of a sudden remembered that I must reek of chlorine. And, under my long hoodie, I was totally, completely, hilariously naked. That tickled me no end.

By the time I got back to the car, I was beat. By the time I got home, parked, came up the stairs and then up the elevator to my own condo, I was really beat but I still stank so into the shower. And then I had a couple of pieces of pizza. I've always like the costco pizza but this not so much. Maybe it wasn't hot enough. It sure wasn't crisp. BUT I have a ton left for the freezer and I know heating it in the air fryer will crisp it up bunches. A good buy at $10. Probably 5 meals total and a snack.

Now I need to get up again and get that pizza into the freezer and deal with boxes. Biggie can do what he wants tonight, I'm pretty sure I'll be able to sleep through the apocalypse.

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