Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


He annoyed me all night, and now I'm getting him back.

I got this ball with holes in it for cat treats. You can open up three holes or two or one or make that one hole really small. So yesterday I put treats in it and opened up the one hole and he emptied it immediately. I made the hole smaller and smaller and he kept at it. Today, I just put his regular food in it and the hole is the smallest. He can get them out but it takes work and it's cracking me up.

Two can play at this game, Mr. Biggie!!


  • Biggie 2021

    Business Service Center, 206-684-5177, during regular business hours, or by calling the pool, 206-684-4766

  • Biggie 2021

    The Flickr album of all the days.

  • Biggie 2021

    The Flickr album of all the days.

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