Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I pretty much quit sewing when the pandemic hit. I think it was more of a sufficiency thing than the pandemic really. I had enough clothes. With the exception of one or two Goodwill finds, everything I wear, I made myself. (Oh, also except my buttery underwear.)

But, I got to last March and realized I had plenty of everything. And didn't need more. And, of course, fabric shopping was out of the question. So I pretty much quit sewing.

Today, I might sew again. I've been thinking about a new robe. It's not something I really need, but. I have a very warm robe and a fairly warm robe but I think I'd like a lighter weight one. I have the fabric and the long separating zipper. So why not?

I ripped out a bunch of crochet yesterday. I completely redid my 2021 temperature scarf (different colors according to the weather of the day). It's now way better and caught up to February. I fixed the hexagon blanket and now have it on the right track to finish.

Last night my internet went out for a couple of hours. Biggie went nuts at about the same time. I wonder if he is basically an internet app... Everything was back to normal this morning, including the cat. Also I woke up at the normal time. Instead of sleeping late like yesterday.

I started and rejected two more books. One was too creepy even for me and I have a pretty high creepy tolerance and one had too many narrators. Back on the hunt for my next read today.

But, first I think it's time for another cup of coffee.

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