Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Monday Monday

It's a slow and quiet morning around here. It actually has the feel of a Sunday but of course, there isn't a lot to differentiate one day from the next. The traffic around here, for instance, has never really increased from when it stopped mid-March last year.

Today is the first day of CES (used to be the Consumer Electronics Show but then they just changed the name to CES). My twitter feed is all new products and ideas this morning which is kind of fun and really different than recently.

I already chewed up a lot of my morning on finances. As it happens I'm waiting for four refunds to hit the books. One did. 3 more to go. Don't be charging me willy nilly and think just because it's not a big amount, I won't notice and demand a refund. I'm a retired old lady confined by a pandemic with nothing but time on her hands. I'll win.

Also I finished a book, logged it in and lined up two more for next.

I have a couple of house chores on the todo list today and a crochet pattern project - pattern on several websites that I want to consolidate into one doc.

At six is the monthly HOA meeting via Zoom.

So just a normal nothing much but everything is fine and dandy day on tap.

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