Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I cheated

I opened Day 1 of my Advent jellies yesterday. It was a pear jam and so delicious that I don't even feel guilty.

I had another excellent sleep yesterday. I wonder at my ability to sleep so successfully since I do nothing all day long. After my treadmilling, I sit. How do I even get tired enough to sleep much less sleep well? I think I'll just accept with gratitude. One factor may be Biggie. He's turned into the most perfect bed cat. He lets me settle in without him and then, after the lights have been out for about 5 mins, he joins me, snuggling into the bowl of my spoon. I'm a very busy sleeper and he just rolls with the punches. I can see by the cam that he also gets up and pees when I do. And then comes back to snuggle in some more. He rarely even wakes up before I do these days.

I'm running out of bread, milk, eggs. I'm rationing now til Wednesday. I am in no way even moderately close to running out of food plus, there's always that can of spaghettios. On the bright side, I've now got glorious space in my freezer and my fridge. The whole thing - shortages and space before a grocery run - is so satisfyingly efficient.

Today's big project is tidying up the sewing room. It has the potential for turning into a dumping ground and we cannot have that. So I'll get back there today and put everything back into its place.

And then sit and crochet. And watch TV. Of course I will, don't be ridiculous.

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