Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Now he's just screwing with me...

Happiness is, at the same time I realized I was hungry, also realizing that I had fried chicken in the fridge ready to eat. YUM.

I used to love my vet. Back when their doors first opened and they were hungry for biz they were the best. Now, a decade later, they have moved and expanded and while I've continued to take every animal I have to them, they now feel more like they are doing me a favor to give me the half assed service I now get. Mostly. So I decided after yesterday that maybe it was time to vet shop.

I started with my neighbor who is far more particular about everything in her life than I am. And has cats. I sent her an email asking if she had a vet she loved. She responded that she is very happy with her current vet... which turns out to be the same one I'm falling out of love with. Sigh. Then I went to Yelp. And Google. And looked at the current vet options and I think what needs to change is my attitude. The other options aren't as good. Oh well. Maybe Biggie will stay healthy.

I did get an alert from the camera. It turned out to be poopless.

If I were not a lazy paranoid, I'd be outside today probably picking up some COVID-19 and other items I do not need. But, also, I'm not that wild about the outside in general.

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Is he still doing ok? Not urping anymore? Wishing Biggie the Best!
We used to drive all the way to Ballard to go to The Family Pet. That was a while ago, of course.
Can not you telephone an emergency clinic which might be helpful without insisting that Biggie be bought in, in ordinary times, but which won't want the two of you making an expensive visit (emergency clinics are fearsomely expensive, in my experience) with Covid-19 and all that, any more than you want to make the trip with Covid-19 and all that.

We've had, in the past, to take cats to our then-regular vet with veritable log jams of hardened stools in their intestines (shown by x-ray); required overnighting and vet-administered enemas (which is not something the owner should be doing) and the clean-up of the kitty in question. Mentioning this because there was no way those "jams" would have broken on their own. Also want to say that we never feed kibble, only canned "wet" food. Kibble makes this sort of thing far more likely.
And those log jams can cause the colon to distend and to stay that way, resulting in "mega-colon" (which is another bad situation, one I'm deeply concerned about avoiding with our big male cat who's been to the vet for x-ray, enema, clean-up, and "stuff." He's been on lactulose ever since.)
The colon in that condition loses tone, making it much, much harder if not nearly impossible to evacuate.

Your vet may prescribe differently than lactulose, of course.

Meanwhile, please try to speak with a vet---today---for a second opinion.
Right now, there's a bunch of people all over the world twaiting for the magic moment when a cat in Seattle drops a dookie. What a world we live in!


(Seriously, I do hope Biggie does everything he's supposed to.)
No joy yet. Wonder if he has performance anxiety?
Well, he's got to put on a show! The show must go on!