Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Shopping Day

I've got my list. I've got my plan. I'm ready to venture out. I have a new mask that covers a bigger area of my face. I feel kind of ok about going out but still. Yesterday I did not even open the door to the hallway once.

Last night, they pulled a Dodger in the 8th inning because his COVID test came back positive. WTF??? They played without test results? Then exposed everyone on the team? Then, when they won there were hugs and kisses and kids and babies - it was a massive germ fest.

We are turning the corner all right, and look what's there? More cases, more hospitalizations and more deaths. And way more people who don't give a shit.

OK, I'm done. I'm going out. And then coming back for another two weeks of not going out.

My Smart Car is serviced by the Mercedes dealer because before Smart Car quit sending them to the U.S., Mercedes owned the U.S. rights. I have a love/hate relationship with my Mercedes dealer. I've only ever dealt with one guy and he's fine but the rest of them try hard not to physically turn up their noses when I drive in.

Anyway, yesterday I got an email from the dealership saying that they were giving me Car Fax. Since I have not purchased a car since 2011 and before that 2000, I'm only vaguely aware of current car buying tools. But Car Fax is interesting. The dashboard shows every single service on my car since it was born. I kind of like that. Also it says I can get $3,500 in trade in. I paid $17,000 for it. I don't want to trade it in anyway. You can't buy them here any more and in 2016 they changed the design and made them longer so that's a non starter. But, fun to have facts.

Time now to get into the shower and get ready to get out of here before the house cleaner arrives.

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