Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Another Biggie First

The Smalls was a lap cat. You made a lap and he was in it. Every time. Biggie not a lap cat at all. He likes to stand on my legs and drape himself over my arms when I'm typing but never sit and never in my lap.

Until this morning. He is, as I type this sitting on my lap. Wonder what the deal is? Last winter he had The Smalls for snuggling so maybe it's a warmth thing.

I'm reading a perfectly delightful book that falls outside my usual read. I usually avoid stories that don't take place now or in the last decade. Had I stumbled over this one on my own, I would have given it a pass. But, siobhan63 recommended the Sean Duffy series by Adrian McKinty and recommended it highly. The first book in the series - the Cold, Cold Ground was available at the library so I grabbed it. It takes place in Northern Ireland in the early 80's. I can't say I was hooked at the start but I am now halfway done and so grateful it is a series and there are more books like it to come! Plus he even has other series and stand alones. And, I am a sucker for an Irish accent.

And the new Jack Reacher is out today. And Tana French has a new one out this week. It's book Christmas!

Tomorrow is house cleaner day but the house is pretty tidy so no todos there. I do want to get my shopping lists in order. I don't need or want much so I want a good list I can stick to.

I crocheted so much yesterday, my arm ached as I got into bed last night. Wonder what the difference is between building up working muscle and repetitive stress injury. I may have to switch over to some knitting today just to give the arm something different to focus on.

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