Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Popeyes' in da HOUSE!!

I am outside (probably just barely) the Popeye's delivery zone. Hence the trip. If I had not made a wrong turn, it would have been painless. As it was, not too bad and zero traffic to speak of.

Interestingly, although, thanks to my wrong turn, I went through lots of neighborhoods, I saw not one, single election yard sign. Not one. For anyone. I think that's weird. I did see a lot of for sale signs. The neighborhoods I went through do not use the bridge that closed but they have become the detour route for those that do and their lives, particularly during rush hour, must be hell. You could snag a heck of a deal on one of those houses, I suspect.

Popeye's was happy to see me and, honestly, it could not have been a better experience. The window was plexiglassed. The woman taking my money was gloved and masked. She held out the reader and I waved my phone over it. She handed me my chicken. The end. I realized after I left that I had forgotten to put on my mask! I was really embarrassed. I just launched a Praise of Popeye's tweet in hopes of making up a little.

I did realize as soon as I pulled in, the problem with the whole trip. Kitty korner from Popeye's is a Dollar Tree store. I love a dollar store more than is reasonable and I haven't been in one since February. (Although I have been in Daiso which is a dollar and a half store, so close...) I'd love to go in and wander around and load up on dollar goodies but I did not. I honestly did not even give it much thought.

The trip was easy and safe and totally repeatable. YEAH! However, I got enough chicken for about 6 meals so it will be a while before I need to repeat!
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