Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Sunday Sunday

For me, there is no better sleeping than when it's cold out and you have a nice, soft comforter to snuggle into. The bad weather for sleeping is gone and it's smooth snuggle sailing from here through next June. I'd love snow and we won't get any but I'll take cold nights and love each one. Biggie feels the same way.

Yesterday I filled out my ballot and then dropped it right into the bag of the mail carrier when he was here for delivery. Done and dusted. I've lived on the west coast now for more than 30 years and still I am amused by issue voting. On the east coast, for the most part, you elect people and they decide shit. Oh, sure, you have the occasional school bond but issues are decided by the people you elect. On the west coast, you elect people and they, apparently, spend all of their time deciding which issues the voters need to decide. So your ballot is 1/2 to 1/3rd people and the rest is issues - everything from funding to who can sue for what. It's really a stupid system.

Tangent - the end.

Tampa Bay finally quit farting around and kick Houston to the curb. Thank you very much. Now they will face either the Dodgers or the Braves in the World Series. I'd love for Tampa Bay to kick either one of those to the curb as well. But the real winner winner chicken dinner is that now I can actually see all the rest of the games, if I want to. They are all on Fox and Fox is one of the measly little pile o' channels that is included in my basic cable package. I have instructed TiVo to record them, please.

Mike Zinnino is a catcher for Tampa Bay. He was a catcher for the Mariners and a fav. I think I'll pull out my Mike Zinnino lunch box for good luck in the rest of the games.

Today I need to make some breakfasts for the week. And take a load of garbage and recycling down to the dumpster. Big day.

I'm developing a serious Popeye's jones. There is one that is 15 minutes from here but through heavy traffic. There is one that is 25 minutes from here. Not much traffic. I think, maybe the first one might be ok on a Sunday. And I think I might just make the drive - today. I can get a boatload and freeze it. They open at 10:30.

So, I'd better get to showering. And then breakfast making. And then cleaning up. Now, it's just a really big day!
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