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Saturday morning nap wrapped in an afghan on the couch with favorite toy. Name one thing better.


That was an hour ago. Now he's playing Run From Room To Room At Top Speed For No Good Reason. Pretty soon he'll switch to Scramble The Mats On The Floor Of The Bathroom. All in a day's work.

Yesterday was very busy and I still did not get my short list of todo's done and today it's even longer. Busy busy busy.

Plus, christopher575 just added me a new one. His most recent entry talks about hints for the kitchen. In his nice, long, list is to set up a kitchen email address. When you see an interesting recipe, send it to the kitchen! How genius is that???

I see great recipes all the time. If they are Great, I print them out. Yes, literally. If they are only great, I make a note in Google Keep. Consequently, I have a drawer of paper I never look at and a batch of keep notes that get lost. A perfectly horrible system.

Until today. I pulled an old Samsung tablet out from the cupboard. It is now the Kitchen Tablet. I set it up with my old Outlook (formerly hotmail) which I have made sure is always current in case Google turns on me or for some reason locks me out of gmail. (I have with unlimited email addresses but Outlook is there and ready.)

I will start with OneDishKitchen.Com - that's what's printed out in the drawer now. OH! And I'll get a drawer back!!

I haven't watched this week's Bake Off. I haven't watched the West Wing reunion. I am just woefully behind. I did watch (gameday) and listened to the stupid Tampa Bay Rays hand those evil Astros another win yesterday. I think that may have been my last game of this season. I just don't have time for such bullshit.

We have more and more COVID around here. We found out yesterday that the largest hospital in town has had an outbreak and one patient who caught it in the hospital has died. I've thought a lot about the virus, particularly recently. At my age, I'm expecting death. Maybe not soon but, hey, if I drop dead this afternoon, I could not be classified as going before my time. I'm cool with it. I've had a fabulous life. And I decided a long time ago that living as long as possible was not for me. I do very little to ensure I'll live til I'm 100.

But, I'm getting more and more fearful of catching this stupid virus. I leave the house once every two weeks for a couple of hours. Fully masked. I leave the inside of my unit maybe once a day to go to the dumpsters or mailbox. Fully masked and often seeing no one, punching elevator buttons with my key.

No way would I consider eating inside a restaurant. I talk myself out of take out most of the time. I think if I really, truly, wanted something that required my taking a risk. If the bridge was not closed and I could easily get to my old gym, I would seriously consider swimming again. I'm not entirely sure I would, but I'd at least give it a healthy debate.

I've had people - the shower guys - in here and the house cleaner. But, I really want my bed moved 5 inches and I keep thinking I'll hire someone to do it and then don't because of the virus.

I do not really understand why it has me freaked. Especially now. I talked to my brother about it yesterday and he's very calm on the whole thing. I spent some time seeing if I could adopt his take on it, but, nope. So weird.

Oh well. The outside world does not need me. And I just got a $78 credit on Netflix. I bought a Google TV Chromecast for $100 that came with six months of Netflix credit. I'm not unhappy with this deal.

And, I did get my ballot. I want to get it all filled out and mailed today.

Busy busy busy. But, first, that glorious shower!
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I'm so glad you like the idea! We use little brackets that stick to the cabinet door with Command strips right by the microwave and the power cord snakes under and to the wall. I suppose any recipe stand or even plate display stand would do, though.


October 17 2020, 16:20:12 UTC 1 week ago Edited:  October 17 2020, 16:21:02 UTC

I don't really want the tablet mounted. It's in a case that stands up when I need it. It's the email address that is the winner of an idea for me. I don't get why I never thought of it!
I keep recipes on Pinterest, which is a similar idea. It makes them easy to find.
Biggie in that afghan! It looks made for him.
Totally with you on the freaked part; not a fan of life-altering viruses. :-P

I use a (paid; one-time fee per platform) app for desktop and mobile called Paprika. It's pretty good about pulling recipes down into the program from within an internal browser (so you just cut & paste the URL in), including pictures. So another alternative would be to import the recipes and put them in an "untried" category. It would also mean you'd have them on your phone so if you got a hankering to try something while you're out & about you can see what ingredients you need.
cool about paprika. i think i'll stick with email for a while until i see if i really use recipes in the kitchen :)

copy and paste from the 'print recipe' screen is working pretty well so far getting formatting and pix.
Now he's playing Run From Room To Room At Top Speed For No Good Reason. Pretty soon he'll switch to Scramble The Mats On The Floor Of The Bathroom. All in a day's work.

A cat does have to earn his keep...

Hmmm. I am going to give this recipe email idea some thought. I can see where this is a potentially great idea for me to copy, and yet there's something about holding a paper recipe and making smudged notes on them that I really also enjoy.

I get your unease. I found a company, literally less than a 5 minute walk from my front door, who both sells & installs gas wall heaters. The dining room in the back of my house was added on to the original structure & therefore has no ductwork to connect it to the HVAC. It has a natural gas wall heater. I’ve used it in the past, but have never liked it because of its unknown age. Not only isn’t it made anymore, but it’s company has gone out of business. The company near me sells units made in the US that also have an automatic shut off for carbon monoxide. I was ready last weekend to buy one & schedule installation...then Ohio’s CV numbers went up. And keep going up in my city. Scary rise in new infections. So, now I’m reluctant to have a gentleman in to remove the old unit & install the new. Using the heater, just on low, makes a tremendous difference in the comfort level of the house...but now, I’m seriously spooked.
It's just so disconcerting. And I'd feel so stupid if I did something so frivolous as to hire some dude to move my bed and then caught the virus from him. At least you'd be warm :)
For your kitchen email:

I've not yet tried it but I definitely will.
OUTstanding! danke


1 week ago

I watched the latest GBBO yesterday, it was a chocolate-themed one this time and that Little Britain guy was a riot as always.
Covid scares the fuck out of me, there are way too many people around here that don't take it seriously. I can't set foot out of my apt without seeing someone with no mask on at all. Some of the local restaurants have started doing dine in again but I'm not participating in that, if I eat out at all I get takeout.
There have been only two people who have been in my apt in the past 7 months besides me, one maintenance guy because I needed to get my kitchen lights and fridge fixed, and one friend of mine who was giving me a present and helped me fix my dishwasher (we both had masks on and didn't stand too close and I let him use my soap so it should be OK). I've been hearing some horrendous stuff about what covid can do to people even if it doesn't kill them.
horrendous stuff about what covid can do to people even if it doesn't kill them

this is a worse threat to me, i think, than the virus itself.
He looks absolutely perfect under that afghan!
My Dobby looks just like Biggie, except that he's not exactly big, at just 8 lbs. Does your boy do morning yowls at raindrops, the light fixtures and small bits of stuff on the carpet? Dobby precedes his afternoon nap with a full hour of yowling.
Yep. Biggie's about 11ish pounds. But no yowling, thankfully.

I've never thought about email either! But I do have a system that works pretty well - I have folders based on the category of recipe, and use either CutePDF which "prints" recipes as a PDF or simply the snipping tool. The snipping tool is handy as you get to cut out all the guff recipes often come encrusted with.

Interesting recipe keeping ideas. I keep some on my bookmarks on my computer, but a lot of them have a lot of gifs on the page, so takes forever to load on my iPad. Ideas?
i'm sorry. i'm pretty apple operating system illiterate. no ideas.


1 week ago


1 week ago

Lol. Biggie has a full schedule!

I love the idea of a kitchen email address! What a great idea!

I just read that infections in my county have been trending up and they may be re-enacting stricter restrictions. People are pleading on social media to their neighbors to be more cautious. It feels like the gap between those who are trying to social distance, wear masks, etc, and those who are trying to push the boundaries and never wear masks is getting wider.
I ran into a guy in this condo building the other day without a mask and it about freaked me the fuck out. Probably good that I leave the building so rarely :)


1 week ago

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