Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I should not have bragged about my shopping list mojo since I clearly lost it today. I got home and was starving and had nothing to eat.

The Amazon Go store did not have anything that looked delicious enough to buy. And it was one that does not yet have the palm readers to double fail. Returning my Amazon order was sure easy enough.

Then on to Trader Joe's where I actually did get everything on my list and then on to Safeway where I also got everything on my list. It was a list fail that had me home and hungry.

At one point I had some ham in my hands for a ham sandwich for lunch but that ham never made it home. Oh well. I did nuke some beef pho from Trader Joe's and it was ok. Too much cilantro. I don't have to do that again but it did work for lunch.

The house is squeaky clean. The fridge is full. The freezer is full. All is good.

The pictures of the new afghan are took.


Here's the whole project. I started with 15 skeins - each a different color - and this is what is left. Including the ends I cut off.


A very satisfying project to be sure.

Also I swapped out my shower curtain. The main reason I did not want a glass door on my new shower was that I love my shower curtains. They are hand painted by a woman in Florida. I bought them years ago. I have three and I rotate.

For some reason, I have not had this one out in a long time. I love it probably the best.


I just got an email from LA Fitness that their pools are open. And I am torn. Do I want to take a chance? The gym I went to in August had an easy path from the front door to the pool - not through any workout areas and no one was there anyway. At LA Fitness you have to walk through the workout room with all the people sweating and breathing - it's the only way to get to the pool.

But, I just called to get details and the biggest show stopper is that you have to reserve a spot either same day or the day before. That part is good. One swimmer per lane and you are guaranteed your lane when you get there. BUT you only get it for 30 minutes. I generally swim 60-75 minutes. Honestly, as much as I love swimming, I just don't think it's worth it to drive all that way (20 minutes to one of the gyms and 35 to the other) and take that kind of risk for only 30 minutes of swimming.

I don't know if I'm a wimp or I'm lazy but I think I'm going to pass on the swimming for now. My membership is free with my insurance so I may change my mind. I need to conjure on it.
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