Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I take such joy out of routine. Biggie is back to sleeping with me again. Most of the night he sleeps by my ear. Sometimes his little kitty snoring wakes me up but a few stokes of his back changes his tune to silent.

Then about 3, I get up to pee. He gets up to ... pee? maybe? I don't know but soon he's settled back next to me, this time on top of the comforter nailing me in. When it's time to pee again, I move him and get up for good. Lately this is 6ish.

I weigh myself and then put on my walking shoes and store my watch in its pocket and get on the treadmill. It's generally still pretty dark as I only turn on the dim lights in the corners of the room. My cellphone (audiobook) is the brightest thing in the room. I walk at 2 miles per hour for 25 minutes. The last 5 are the worst.

Shoes off and watch on and into the kitchen for coffee and whatever premade breakfast is available and then I internet until about 8 or 9. This means checking Twitter and Instagram (although, less and less Instagram) and email and my bank accounts and then Live Journal. Then it's time to step into my glorious shower. It is still giving me a fabulous kick every single time. I am so very delighted that I finally converted that dark old tub space into this amazingly bright and wonderful shower.

Then I get dressed and make the bed and clean out the litter box.

The rest of my day is generally freelance. I just do stuff. It's wonderful thing to have endless time to think and read and knit and crochet and watch Law and Order UK to my heart's content.

I'm enormously lucky.

Today is a once every two weeks variation on the above routine. The housecleaner will be coming this morning. She's supposed to get here anytime before 10. She generally says she will be here at 9 and always comes about 10:05. This always makes me crazy. But, to be safe, I leave the house about 9:15/9:30.

Today I'm going to the Amazon Go store on Capital Hill to return the duvet cover I decided not to keep. I used to be able to return stuff at the SODO Amazon Fresh pick up location which is about a mile from here and WAY easier to get to and deal with, but they have decided that is no longer an option. :(

At least maybe I'll be able to register my palm print for paying at the Amazon Go store. Their Go stores have the kind of inventory you would really appreciate if you lived on the same block. But, way too limited for good destination shopping. They do have good togo foods so I might pick up something for lunch or dinner.

But, then, it's on to serious groceries. There is a Trader Joe's near there but it's the one with the mean staff. There is a Safeway about a half mile from Trader Joe's but it's a skanky Safeway. So I'm going to go to Queen Anne where there's a pretty decent Safeway with an excellent Trader Joe's a half block away. One parking spot, two stops.

Then a time check. I can see Amira's progress on the web cams. She vacuums last. If she's vacuuming, I'll come on home. If she's not vacuuming yet, I may go to Goodwill. Or I could just sit in the car and read. It's a play by ear situation.

Once I get home, I'll put away the groceries and eat lunch. I finished my new afghan so I want to get good pictures of it, outside if possible.

And fill in the rest of the day with just stuff.

Tampa Bay plays Houston again tonight. And could snuff them out completely godwilling. I do love the playoffs with no travel days.
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