Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Getting ready

The last time I went to the grocery store - two weeks ago - it was the first time I can remember coming home and not instantly remembering 4 things I forgot. I could not think of one thing I didn't get that I wished I had. Personal victory.

Going only once every two weeks has totally honed my lists making skills. And I'm pretty sure that's the secret.

Tomorrow is house cleaner day and so grocery shopping day and so today I've been topping off my list. I'm ready. Safeway and Trader Joe's.

I finished off the afghan. When you knit something, generally when you finish, you are sewing up pieces and sewing in ends and there's really a fair bit of finishing work. With this blanket, I made my last stitch, tucked in my two ends and bam, I was done. I do like crochet. I popped it into the washer and it's now drying on top of a spare shower curtain flat out on my bedroom floor.

I'm still sucked into Law and Order UK. With lots of episodes left to go.

It's been gusting wind here all day, particularly this afternoon. Leaves from The Tree That I Hate litter the terrace. But, there are plenty still on the tree. Other parts of town have had trees topple and backyard toys and furniture scatter over to their neighbors
. Quite the day.

A couple of other long standing businesses announced they were closing their downtown operations permanently. One today is a high end beauty school and salon that has been there since forever. Downtown is just a train wreck. Between the loss of workers coming into town every day and the rise in the number of people with no permanent addresses moving in to live and the protesters and the looters from last Summer, it's just a giant eyesore with far more boards than windows. In the past, I've wondered a time or two if I would enjoy living closer to the center of town. Now, I am oh so grateful I never gave into that thought.

Time for more TV with an eye on the Rays/Astros game score.
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