Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Winter butter

I love butter. I actually can believe it's not butter. So real butter. I always have a stick in my butter keeper on the counter. Costco's house brand. I buy 4 boxes of 4 sticks each at a time. From about May through September it stays ready to spread. But, this time of year, it starts getting cold and more difficult to spread easily. Next month, it will be just not practical for spreading. So, I switch to my winter butter.

My winter butter if Kerrygold. It is fairly spreadable no matter how cold. It might even be spreadable right out of the fridge. It's more expensive and hard to find in sticks. I buy the bricks and cut them to fit the butter keeper. Totally worth the extra cost and hassle.

Switching butters is, to me, a key point in moving from summer to winter. It will probably happen when I get to the end of this stick.

And speaking of Stick... ie. After months of letting him languish in the corner, Stickie has now regained favor.


He hasn't gotten to the bringing him to bed stage yet, but it's still fun to see him play with his old, beloved, baby toy.

I sat in on the homeowners board meeting last night via Zoom. I really need to stop doing that. Those people are just amazing and not in a good way. All but one love to hear themselves talk and, except for that one, have nothing to say. The one is, fortunately, the treasurer. She seems to have a great handle on the money and otherwise just shuts the fuck up. The rest just open their mouths and disorganized, thoughtless lava comes out.

Last night the building manager raised an issue with the painting the inside of the elevator doors which was supposed to happen today. He explained that the paint has to dry for 24 hours and the doors cannot be used until it is. "So the painter has to paint from inside the elevator and then can't get out for 24 hours." And the idiots then preceded to discuss this for 30 fucking minutes. Those elevators have been in service now for nearly 30 years and have been painted many times. Never has a painter been stuck in there for 24 hours. But, the current board - none of whom have lived here more than 2 years - cannot wrap their heads around the obvious.

The only good news is that they do not allow anyone except board members to speak during the meeting except for in a designated time at the very end. And, of course, by then, all you want to do is shoot yourself, not talk to them. But the mute situation does prevent me from saying things I may or may not regret but should not say.

I did send a note to the management company this morning reminding them that about 10 years ago when we had a graffiti problem in the elevator, they were repainted several times in one year and it was when Scott was the building manager. So at least I did something. I did not put the next meeting on my calendar. Maybe I can forget to attend.

Today's agenda is finishing the afghan. I will miss working on it, but I'm on the last row.


Then I'll wash it and let it dry flat to set the straight lines and give it a finished look. And move on to one of the bascillion other projects not yet finished OR... start a new one.
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