Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I'm sipping my chocolate from my SELF STIRRING MUG and it's cracking me up. In college, I learned to drink coffee as it came out of the pot. Black with no sweetener. I was just to lazy to futz with anything other than filling the cup. As the years have gone by, I have appreciated this over and over again. I don't have to worry about what kind of sweetener is available or if there is milk in the house. Grabbing coffee is just, fill 'er up and drink, easy peasy.

So stirring stuff in a mug is not something familiar to begin with. Pushing a button and hearing the whirrrrrrrr delights me. It's the little things.

In a bit, I'm going in and test out my new shower stickers. I also have a new bar of lavender soap to use.

Great start to the week.

Amazon Video has some cool deals right now. $.99 a month for two months of a bunch of premium channels. I just got Sundance Now. There's never been enough there to warrant signing up but, heck a buck a month til nearly Christmas? I'm in. Also there's now a note on my calendar on December 12 to remind me to cancel.

I finished watch Van Der Walk last night. It was good but weird. 3 episodes. There was a bit of arc over the 3 episodes but not much. It was like an entire season of a copy show but the whole season was only 3 episodes. Weird. Not enough time to flush out the best characters.

It's a chilly and rainy day - perfect for snuggling under the afghan that I am on the last few rounds of and watching TV. Turns out, that highlights my skill set!


Ok, shower had and it was glorious Those little stickers are the bomb. I dried off the shower floor when I got out and as soon as I hit Post on this entry, I'm going to go in and put a bunch more down. Wish I had a giant sheet of that stuff. That would be the best. But these stickers are actually fine. Yeah!!

Also the lavender and shea butter soap recommended by my soap and shampoo guru bill_schubert is really nice. The bar is huge. I'm pretty sure, at my age, it's a lifetime supply. And it lathers nicely, the scent is great and even gives the bathroom a nice smell.

So, win win win.
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