Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

A new day

I was broken yesterday, as it turns out. I had a bit of a fever and was just wiped. I went to bed at 8. I woke up at 7 and was fine. A nice relief.

I had weird dreams and realized when I got off the treadmill that I had not even changed out of yesterday's shirt.

This morning I feel like the real me.

It's that time of year when I start getting antsy about the leaves on The Tree That I Hate. It's an ugly tree on its best days and it blocks my view while providing me zero shade. Without leaves, it's not perfect but it's so much better. We have wind and rain coming this weekend but I think it's about a week too early to really strip that sucker clean. But, it's a start and I'm not turning it down. I miss my neighbors across the street.

Yesterday I was chilly in the afternoon so I dug a sweater out of my projects drawer that I'd nearly finished but not quite. I had intended to make the sleeves longer and the sweater longer and make a nice shawl collar. But, yesterday, the wear test proved it was just fine the way it is! I need maybe to crochet around the neckline a row or two and tie off and hide the yarn ends. But, it is a nice weight and feel just as it is! So yeah for not finishing!

But I am still on the march to finish this blanket. It's a bunch of squares surrounded by edging. I've got one more row of squares.

In what seems like a million years ago but was only two, They closed down a section of the route I took every single morning to get home from the pool every morning. They were putting in a bridge over the railroad tracks and so cut off the intersection that connected my route. It was a major PIA for a while. But, then, about six months later, they opened up an entirely new access to a highway that was a direct route with no traffic lights! Cut 5 minutes off my 16 minute drive! It was lovely. Until March when they closed the pool. Then, in April, they closed the giant bridge that is required to get there. That bridge may open again in 2022 or later and who the fuckknows when they will open the pool.

But, the section they closed of my original route to that bridge is opening today. Halle-whatthehelldoesitmatternow-looya. It seems like an insult to many injuries.

The over-the-railroad bridge is in between the light rail and Starbucks HQ. When people used to actually work there, it was a nice, flat couple of blocks. Now there is this huge honkin hill they have to climb in between. Nasty. But, hey, they aren't going to work there again until next October at the earliest.

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