Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Before the pandemic, my life was quiet and sedentary and spent mostly here in my house. Since the pandemic, my life has been quiet and sedentary and spent mostly here in my house. But, of course, it feels very different and, surprisingly to me, more so now than a few months ago.

People in my dreams no longer wear masts or social distance. Last night I got a great job an was good at it only to have the company go under but, before I woke up, I had gotten another great job and was grateful that the first company had gone under.

Today's two big projects are breakfasts and afghan. I ate my last pre-made breakfast today. I'm ready to make a batch of breakfast burritos but I'm tortilla-less. Uwajimaya carries the kind I like so I might just bounce up there and score a bag. Or I might play it safe and make egg muffins here.

I have two more rows of squares on my afghan and then the boarder. I'm still loving working on it so not in a mad rush to get it done but it would be fun to finish soonish.

So, yep, another day of thrills and chills here at SDHQ. Jes the way i lak it.
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