Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

No game Sunday

It's the first Sunday without baseball. Even if I could get the channels and cared about post season play, it is still a no baseball Sunday. MLB won't schedule if it might interfere with the almighty NFL. To me, it's the official, no-more-baseball-til-February-and-maybe-not-then-either day.

And no fall TV to speak of. I do have lots of excellent streaming options. I do seem to spend a lot of time watching the first 15/30 mins and then moving on. I think this is a factor of Too Many Choices. So not really a bad thing.

The blanket I am crocheting is coming along nicely. This may well be the one project this year that I finish all in one go.

So that's really today. Crochet and, probably, British cop shows. Oh and I have the newspaper to read. Still so weird reading an actual newspaper printed on actual newsprint.

My achillies tendinitis is way way way much better. So the answer is wearing the brace for a few hours every day and ice. Good to know. Also wearing those godawful shoes that I paid way too much for and never wore. They, apparently, love my feet on the treadmill which is a nice happenstance.

So lovely quiet day ahead.
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