Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


We've turned the corner for sure. No more hot days. Finally. I need to remember that Summer ends at the end of September now instead of Labor Day and reset my expectations. Last night was excellent sleeping weather. I loved it and Fitbit loved it. I scored a personal best 90 on my sleep rating.

This morning it is nice and chilly. I love cool, crisp days so much.

Beyond just being comfortable, there is nothing else on today's agenda. I might do a load of laundry so that could be some excitement.

I have a yarn project that I'm enjoying very much. I'm just now past the halfway point. So likely I'll plunge on there. I am thoroughly enjoying Young Wallender on Netflix. I've got a good book on Kindle and one on Overdrive. I've got entertainment galore.

And I have some self doctoring to do. I have what Dr. Google says is achilles tendinitis. I'm pretty sure it comes mainly from too much sitting with my foot pointed and not flexed. It's sometimes really painful but last night I found an old brace the actual doctor gave me years ago for a case of plantar fashionista that keeps my foot comfortably flexed and the tendon stretched. I wore it last night and iced my heel down this morning after the treadmill. Oh and I have switched from my easy comfortable shoes to my serious walking shoes on the treadmill. I think it's getting better or it will. I don't have an alternative for my morning treadmill walks so I can't have them cancelled. So along with the other entertainment, I'll be babying my heel.

Biggie testing out the current yarn project...

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