Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Wonder what part of NEVER CALL ME is confusing?

I have, in many ways over the years, told Humana to never, ever, under any circumstances, for any reason, call me. I have allowed as how email is fine, text is fine, snail mail is stupid, but fine. Calling me on the phone is NOT FINE.

This morning, 8:30 am "This is a courtesy call from Humana, how are you?" "Frankly, extremely annoyed that you guys keep calling me when I have expressly asked you not to. Bye."

Way to handle this delicate time of year when I can dump your ass for another insurance company. Yes, I have choices. Grrrrrrr

I won't. But, I could. It's ridiculous for me to get so bent out of shape about their calling. I just hate my phone number being hijacked by them. I mean what if one of those people wanting me to register to vote was trying to get a hold of me???

I spent some time this morning with my finances. I want to make sure that my wallet stays relatively snapped shut this month so I wanted to work out a plan which I did. Also in December I'll be paying the big HOA bill for 2021 so I want to make sure I have that money ready. Since the shower install came out just about what my Mariners ticket would have been, I'm about even for the year which is nice. My upgraded ticket for next year is all paid off plus I get a ticket to three extra games. Hope I'll be able to use them.

On the first of every month, I check Zillow for what they think my condo is worth. It's up about $20,000 today over last month which is interesting. There are 4 units in this building that are up for sale and have been now for several months. No takers. There's a condo building at the end of the block that has had units available for a couple of years. Their units come with no parking and the units themselves are tiny so the whole neighborhood now has high (relatively) stale inventory which is, apparently, screaming PROBLEM!! Glad I'm not trying to sell.

The shade guy is scheduled to come this morning. And that's it for the agenda today. Even in my stress free life, having a day with nothing much going on is kind of a relief. I think I'll play a couple of rounds of my latest phone game before I go get into my wonderful beautiful shower.
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