Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Snap! the wallet is officially closed

I went a baskillion places today and spent money. And then I finally got Christian's invoice. And I did buy the Google TV thing but only because with the Netflix deal they threw in, it only cost about $12.

And now I'm home and waiting for the cable guy - doesn't that sound like a cliche.

I went to Costco. It was not packed at all! And I could not find what I wanted so I got a picture of it on my phone with intentions of walking around trying to find a Costco person to help me which is always a hike. Except when I looked up from my phone there was this cute Costco guy standing in front of me asking "can I help you find something?" Bizaro World!

I remembered everything except ATM but later.

Then I went to Home Depot to see if I could find the new Google TV dongle. Lots of places reported that they had it for sale over the weekend. Not here, apparently.

Then to Goodwill. Ordinarily, I wouldn't go near the place this close to Halloween but today it was fine as in not at all crowded and it was fun to see all the costumes they had for sale.

Then I popped into Daiso where they are still out of Biggie's red collars. And then into Uwajimaya where I picked up a poke bowl for lunch.

Then I remembered the damn ATM. But, I looked up and discovered there's one that my bank likes just around the corner from Uwajimaya. Easy to get to, nice ATM with easy parking. SCORE! Got all the cash I'll need until December. (Housecleaner takes cash.)

I am done spending money. I have spent enough in the past two weeks. I need to haul it in so SNAP.

By the time I got home I was whipped. But omg the house is clean. Nearly ever time now, on her day, I get pissed. She's supposed to be here by 10. She often asks if she can come at 9. I tell her SURE! She never gets there til 10 and sometimes, like today it was 10:04 which just annoys me and I think, I don't need her. I've got the robovac and I can clean the other stuff. If I could think of a kind way to fire her I would.

But, also every time, I get home and all the nooks and crannies just shine. The bathroom sparkles. The kitchen is just clean. And I'm so grateful to have her come clean.

The cable man has been here now and fixed and left. All he did was call a guy and read off numbers. I think I could have handled that. But, in fairness, the problem could have been something else i could not have fixed so fine.

And now everything is settled. And dusted and clean and fixed and fine. And I am exhausted.

The air is "Fair" inside and "Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups" outside with the forecast calling for more of the same. Ugh. At least tomorrow is a Stay At Home Day.
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