Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

two more things

I registered to vote the minute I was eligible, which, back in my day, was age 21. I have skipped a couple of elections for whatever reason but have voted in 99% of the rest. So. You can stop telling me to register. You can stop telling me to vote. My ballot will be here in two weeks. I will return it the day I get it. (Washington State has been doing mail in ballots for years.) I promise.

I almost just spam reported a text because I thought it was from another 'register to vote or be sure and vote' text but, no, it was from a potential parking spot!

My parking spot is down a flight of stairs. It's a nice, big spot but the up and down stairs is a pain when you are carrying stuff. I have a cart and that cart even does stairs but still a pain.

Yesterday there was a notice on the bulletin board from some new people saying their car was too big for their space 'so we have no place to park!'... They are renters. Would you rent an apartment, knowing you needed to park without checking the parking spot???? And, then play the victim when you discovered your blunder????

But, anyway. Their space is street level and they wanted to trade for another street level. Ha. Like that's going to happen. I sent them a note saying I was willing to trade and, told them which space was mine. The text was to say they were going to check out my space after work.

It would be very handy to skip those steps!

Turns out they are in the lower level as well. And can't, apparently, write up a bulletin board notice clearly. I withdrew my offer to swap. geesh.
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