Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Fog or smoke - WTF, air???

We have fog and smoke this morning. Fortunately, we have more of the former. Weird.

Inside here we're still rated as 'good' which is very good because it is too warm out to close the door to the outside. If the smoke gets bad, I can wear my N95 all day, drag out the air conditioner again, go rent a hotel room... I like exactly none of those plans. So I'm going with hope that the smoke does not get bad.

I am off to Costco this morning. It is the first day of the monthly sales so it will be packed. I will go during the old people's hour but I don't expect that to make much difference today. I'll just go and walk around and get my stuff and not worry about it. It's pretty much a killing time exercise anyway. The housecleaner says she'll get here at 9 and she'll actually get here at 10. She'll be done by 11:30. So probably I'll also go to Goodwill. And maybe Uwajimaya. And maybe Daiso.

Or sit in the car and read. It does not matter one bit.

The cable guy is coming this afternoon to fix my Encore channels.

Google is announcing a bunch of new stuff today. I might get their TV dongle but I might not. The rest of the stuff does not really interest me.

Biggie spent all day into the night in his tree. Usually he spends his afternoons napping in other parts of the house. And sometimes his evenings, too. But, even in the dark, there he was outside. On duty. I'm so glad I thought to move that damn tree out there.

Tomorrow is October and that's fine with me.
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