Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Know your place

I cleaned up the terrace and moved the tree so I can see it from the couch and Biggie can perch and keep an eye on me. It's totally working. If I'm on the couch, he's in the tree. He comes down when he can't see me. I think we have a plan.

I have been out and into public places so seldom that I'm still not used to every nuance. Today I went to the bagel place where they, early on, nailed the safe serve. I order online. They have a big garage door they open and there's a table right there with a bell. I ring the bell and they bring my sandwich right out. It feels safe and respectful and fine.

Then I went to the Mariners store. I picked up my free sweatshirt and bought a mask. It felt closed in and hostile. I didn't want to touch anything and the clerk made me feel like I was doing it wrong. EWW.

I have a very short list of places that I feel ok about Costco, Goodwill, Safeway, the bagel place and Trader Joe's. That's really about it. But, hey, with Amazon in the mix, I don't really need any more.

My brother put together some excellent thoughts about the how and why of the, at least, near term future. Our emotions really, honestly, do not count. Nor, really, does the body count. It's up to us to take care of us.

But I have it way luckier than most. My income is not predicated on my leaving the house nor is it in any danger. And I'm happy here at home by myself. If there were no pandemic, I'd go swimming, probably, and maybe shopping and out to dinner and brunch. But, really I'm ok without. I'm just very lucky. I even live in one of the few states that has been voting my mail for years and have no stress over my ballot getting to the target.

So I'll be here with Biggie.


AND I finally found a bread recipe for me.

Beer Bread for One. And I'm making it now. Plus, I just discovered that if you hit 'print' recipe, you can click the box at the top and it automagically adjust the amounts for however many servings you want. That's very cool.
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