Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


The most difficult part of this project was getting that tension rod in the right space. I came close. But I'll be happy when I can get someone to adjust it for me.


I do like it way better than those ratty cheap blue ones, tho.

What's the point...


He's actually been out there quite a bit today. Yesterday I saw him one time try to climb the netting but he soon gave up. Today I have not even seen him over the by the wall. Such a good solution.

The whole post office thing was weird. I went but was then sent next door to a ware house building where the mail carriers go to pick up their stuff. Clearly not built for customers. After much tado, they told me that maybe my package would be delivered today. It was. But weird. Didn't matter. I did end up getting chicken teriyaki which was good because it reminded me why I really don't like that place any more.

And, in fact, the OBD2 was delivered today. Would have been so nice if they had said that instead of the instructions to pick it up. But, no harm. I got it installed and the app set up on the phone so all is cool now. (I had one for years but it was not generic and the company went out of biz. Every once in a while my car throws an error code that just needs to be cleared. Plus I love the data.)

Now I'm waiting for the shades guy. I bought fancy schamcy automatic shades two years ago from the great guy. The shades really are great but they are all out of alignment by a small bit one way or another and drive me nuts. One side down further than the other. One will no longer go all the way to the top. Stuff like that. No amount of youtube lessons are enough to teach me how to fix. So I finally sent an email to Jason and asked him if I could get his guy to come fix them all for me. It will take him 5 mins max. He's supposed to be here at 4.

Buzy Day!
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