Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

And the lid is closed on Baseball... almost

I sent an email to my friend at the cable company to turn off the expensive package I need to watch Mariner games. And she did. The end. Also the end of HGTV which is a little sad but whatever. I have some House Hunters stockpiled on TiVo. Also I'm supposed to get Encore/Showtime for free and my TiVo won't dial it in so she's sending a tech out on Wednesday. I love that she will do this all via email. So much more civilized than getting splinters from a telephone tree.

I'll still be able to see some playoff games on ABC, turns out. Probably I will record and watch at least some. Then I still get Fox so I can watch the series but probably won't.

For some reason, the post office never even tried to deliver a package on Saturday. It was Out for Delivery most of the day and then, bam, 'you can pick it up at "at the SEATTLE, WA 98134 post office". It's an OBD2 plug for the car. Very small. Never had them do that before but it's fine. Short drive and just across the street from a really good teriyaki place. I might just pop in and take out.

But first, I need to sew up my nook curtain.

I'm off to do that now.
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