Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

What a lovely day

Best Buy opens at 10. I got the text that my order was ready for pickup at 9:15. I was worried they would wait until late in the day. Useless worries. The drive down there was stress free. It's in a gynormous shopping area. One mall surrounded by maybe 25 or 30 strip malls of 5-10 stores each. I was actually kind of surprised at the activity. On a pre-covid Saturday morning, it would be packed which it was not but there were still stores open and people shopping - ish.

I pulled into Best Buy - a nice, shady spot and texted them that I was there. It was a great place to kill some time but Best Buy wasn't interested. Dude popped out with my watch. No useless bag or receipt or any other stuff I didn't want or need. Nice. Actually, the whole experience was pretty stellar. May have to change my Best Buy thinking.

And then I got a note that my Amazon deliveries had just been made. What the What? Saturday Amazon deliveries never get there before 5 pm. So I came on home and hauled the boxes of pantry containers up and just unpacked them all, filled them all and took the old ones right down to the dumpster. I had just exactly enough to replace my old ones but I have more coming because I have more room now on the pantry shelves and more stuff to put in them. Coming tomorrow and Monday.

Then I played with my new watch. It's actually neater than I expected. Turns out it tracks way more swim details than my old one. Not that I can use that right now but maybe one day. It's pretty and it tracks a butt load of stuff. Also the watch band swapping situation is very much improved as is the charging. I'm not at all unhappy with the purchase.

So I went ahead and listed my Versa 2 on Swappa. Be cool if it sold. Be ok if it didn't.

Now I'm watching the Mariners winning game one.

Really, just a nice, nice day.
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