Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Road Trip!

I paid extra to have my Fitbit shipped asap and Amazon promised Monday. I was hoping they'd get it even sooner. And then, last night, I got an email saying there'd been a change and they will have it next week, maybe the following. How do you spell NFW?????

I canceled the order and went to Best Buy. They had one at the store north of me and one at the store east of me and, it appeared, they had a sufficient supply at the store south of me. So... it's off to the southern burbs for me today! Plus every few years some friends of mine from New Zealand come over. They love to shop and Best Buy is high on their list. I'm not a Best Buy fan so these are the only times I ever go into their stores. We have learned that the staff at the one I'm going to today are friendly and nice and semi knowledgeable and very helpful. This is not the case at the other two.

You buy online and then drive to the store and pop your trunk and they come out and put your goods in and off you go. Fine by me. Plus down there in the southern burbs there's all kinds of delicious fast food that we don't have up here. Taco Bell, Dairy Queen, Sonic, Popeye's ... So I will be handsomely rewarded for my travels.

The Best Buy website says they will delivery it for free and I could have it on Monday but, hey, I'm emotionally invested in this trip now. They do not open until 10 and tell me they will let me know when they are ready for me to pick up.

Last night, I took a load down to the dumpster and when I came back up my neighbor across the hall, Ranae, was out with her cat. He apparently tries to go out every time he hears the elevator. We had a nice chat. And she showed me an innovative idea for the terrace. Their cats, like mine, prowl around the edges in a way that scares all of us.

Here's Biggie showing how. Often he will just walk along that ledge, millimetres away from a nice long fall.


Anyway, they have taken chicken wire and attached it to those rails so that their cats can't get up there at all. It doesn't even look too bad. Of course, it was dark.

I came home and went to amazon and found bird netting which I think will be easier to deal with and is cheaper and might look nicer and ordered me up some. Biggie is not going to be happy so don't tell him, k?

Baseball is a double header today. I'd like to get back in time but I can get it on the car radio if not. Today's games and then tomorrow's and that's it. The end.
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