Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

spendy mcspendson

I keep a list of stuff I'd like to have. It's kind of a Christmas List For Me From Me. Nothing on the list is critical and all of it is stuff I'd consider luxury items. Most in the $100 range. Sometimes I go months without touching the list and then I hit a spell, like now, when I'm just ripping right through it. I have spent about 20% of what I normally spend in a month this month. I'm not sure why. Part of that was food since I went so long without buying groceries (thanks, smoke). So that may have something to do with the spending spree.

I bought HBO Max. I want to see the West Wing reunion and the mini series that Hugh Grant did. I'll keep it through October and maybe longer. There's other stuff there I want to see and lordknows the regular Fall Season is going to be not at all. The introductory pricing ends in a day or two so I just went ahead and ordered it up.

I've had my eye on a new coffee maker and, lo and behold, Costco has it on sale in their October specials. So I'll pop in and get that. I've finally and really gotten into vacuum sealing foods but my little el cheapo sealer is a PIA to use. Today, Amazon dropped the price of the one I wanted so... yep... I bit.

Oh and one thing that has been on my list for a long time is replacement canisters for pantry items. Years ago, I bought a bunch of the OXO pop up ones and they were great. But man are they getting not great. They are scratched and the plastic is cloudy on some. And the pop up tops are now taking two hands and some tugging to get the tops off. So, I'm going to replace them all. I ordered a different kind. Just a few to see if I like them better. If I do, I'll replace everything I've got. If I don't, I'll send em back and try different ones.

So, see? Spendy McSpenson!! But, I think I'm done for a while. The rest of the current list either isn't interesting or isn't worth it now or just, flat, can wait. So it will.

This morning I feel like I'm at the tail end of a cold. I wonder if I didn't just have the teensiest of one that just came and went. If that's the case, I'm perfectly fine with it.

As I was going to sleep last night I figured out how to make the cat door work for Biggie. Instead of having the one big flap that he has to maneuver to the left or right to get through the tiny hole, I'm going to slice that flap in two so he can just march through the center!

So that's on the agenda today. Also we get the first episode of the new British Baking competition today. I do appreciate that Netflix does not make us wait 6 months to see the season like PBS used to do.

Oh and baseball tonight.
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