Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


LJ seems to have recovered for me for which I am profoundly grateful. I am so dependent. I must be able to read the adventures of everyone on my friends list. AND, with even more fervor, I must be able to record my every thought at all times. Without those things, I feel like I'm missing a limb.

I did go to the drug store. Still so weird to be out on the town. I got over the counter drugs that I didn't even have to sign for so how good can they be? Except they make me feel better. I'm wondering now if this cold isn't a phantom anyway. Regardless, I now have current (unexpired) lozenges, cold shortening medicine and regular cold symptom fix medicine. I'm set. And I thew out all the ancient stuff. How much fizz could Alka-Selzer for Colds have if it expired in 2002? I should plop one in just to see.

The pop up pet door arrived and it's about 95 percent good. It's very small which is great because I want it taking up minimal space. But, Biggie is not thrilled. He easily got through the hole with no door on it. The door could be discouraging but, hey, if he wants to go out, he can push the flap. If he doesn't, he stays inside. It's so small, though, that the door track takes up a good bit of it. It just needs more velcro. I put in the main bits and am now waiting for them to cure. 24 hours. It's a simple deal and I can make it work.

This time last week, I was gazing for the first time upon my beautiful new shower. I finally did get a very lame 'how did you like our service' from Bathfitters. And a thank you card from the sales woman. I think when you spend $7k on what is basically a service that would benefit greatly from word of mouth, you could spend a leeeeetle more effort on making sure that mouth has the right word. Jes sayin'.

Still love my shower. Every single morning and sometimes even just when I walk by it.

And in perfectly amazing news, Amazon announced a bunch of new Alexa stuff today and I have no desire to buy any of it. Some of it is upgrades to what I already have and I like what I have better. The rest is stuff I just don't need. I feel rich with all the money I didn't spend.
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