So far, this day has issues. I cannot get to LiveJournal. Ok after much troubleshooting, I'm pretty sure the issue is my isp. I was finally able to read my friends' list via my mobile hotspot, so my day can now begin :). I think I'm getting a cold. Hopefully not. But, I think I'm going to chance a trip to the drug store just in case. I have a shoebox full of cold medicine but, since I so rarely get colds, it is all pretty much old enough to drive and too old to be effective. UPS is bringing me the new cat door today. That should be interesting. And it is the only thing on the agenda. There is not even a baseball game today. I have no plans and no todos and I'm fine with that. I'm not even sure I'll be able to post this so I think I'm going to stop and try and then go take a shower.


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